Your face is my home


I can read the lines

On your precious face

Expressions, signs

And simple tell tales

Where a line disappears

And a smile is born

The language of tears

And feelings unknown

I know those creases

Under your eyes

When you are lost in thoughts

Or filled with surprise

I  know your nose crinkles

And your lips pout

When your heart tingles

Or  fills with doubt

When I see your face

I feel I am home

Inspired to win the race

Determined to brave the storm

Your face is home to me

This is where I want to be

This is what I want to see

For life unto eternity

The Soldier’s Humble Half (POETRY)

I do not wear a uniform

nor do I guard the border

I do not scale mountains tall

or belong to any cadre

I do not brave the weather , rough

or follow orders from above

I do not endure conditions tough

or  toil to earn the nation’s love

I do not miss being there at home

in the  comfort of my tender  hearth

I do not need to face the  storm

yet  stay  motivated and strong at heart

I need not face the bullets

or see my fellow men die

I need not be indifferent to deaths

or regret not saying a goodbye

Because I am not a soldier 

but , his humble half

Who awaits his sturdy shoulder

to rest  my head on , and share a good laugh …

My lifeline – my family

Daily post prompt

You were caught in an avalanche. To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give you the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?

anni fb 5

The night is ominous…dark and still

The snow , makes me cold ,makes me quiver ;

The crisp , frosty wind  , bites into my ‘will’

to flee the  ruthless , dark hours , hither..

My feet are numb , my face pale;

But I trudge , I plod , I scamper on…

My heart beat slows ,my lungs about to fail ;

Till I recall the day my daughter was born..

A sudden gush of oxygen fills my veins ;

and my heart begins to throb again…

I will live through this , ignoring my pains ;

I shall not  allow my vigor to drain.

I need to get back to my cozy home ;

to see them smile – my spouse and daughter ,

 Now, come what may , wind or storm..

No enemy can  , my hopes deter !

My eyes now gleam ,with  happy tears ,

my heart overflowing with  love and warmth ;

Till I finally overcome my unknown fears…

And am safely back – to my home , my hearth !

My ‘Heart & Hearth’


The Daily post  prompt yesterday , asked us to imagine going to a friend’s house , only to discover that it was an exact copy of my own house…right from the books to the paintings and so on.

Now ,that is what really got me wracking my  grey cells to try and remember a time , when I did actually experience anything similar . But  there was none…

This  is because I believe , our house is a reflection of us…And just like our blog , that we customize according to our own personal taste , sometimes adding a few widgets here and there , our house too represents us , our tastes, way of thinking and most of the times , even our personality !

Those who have witnessed my blog , from the time of its humble origin( which was only about 3 months ago ) , will vouch for the fact that it has gone through many experiments and changes , till it evolved into what it is today…Even now , I am trying ,everyday to make it look ‘more me’ than it already does .

Just the same way , my house too has gone through an entire process of evolution. If the four walls is what one calls a House , then mine changes every few years ( an occupational hazard of my husband ! ). But to me a House is more than a concrete construction , to me it is the reflection of one’s being and hence , its essence lies more in the things that adorn it like the  paintings , lamps  and cushion covers , rather than the building  itself .


In that sense , I could say I carry my hearth , my house with me , every time we have a ‘Transfer’.  Every little piece of furniture , and artifact , is something I have collected over the years and  has a story to tell …

I am a very vibrant person , and love bright colors. Unlike in the west ( particularly in Europe ) , where we get to see more of blacks , whites and browns , Indians love bright colors . So whether it is the clothes I wear or the interiors of my house , you can spot my love for colors everywhere…


What I love most are my bright, cushion covers , which I think  gives a nice twist to the otherwise boring furniture. Since , my husband got his posting to Nepal , immediately after our wedding , we set up our first house there  , which is why most of my furniture and paintings are Buddhist in theme and have a Tibetan , colorful feel to them…


Our walls are decorated with picture post card frames and our corner tables ,with souvenirs of  our travels ..So every one who visits our house will know about our love to travel 🙂


Every small thing present in the living room , is hence ,very close to my ‘Heart and Hearth’ , so I can never imagine another house , with the same interiors , because their journey  and experience , is different from mine…and no two journeys can be exactly the same…

Every  house  tells a story ..and the story of my house will always be

different from that of  my friend’s ! ……….