The door – weekly photo challenge (door)


The door stared at my face

A little grim and morose

A glittering golden lock

– like a jewel it adorned

I turned away from there

for I had a new door to find

One that would be more fair

One that would be more kind…..

A door that would welcome me

with an open mind from  start

One that would have no shimmering

locks dangling from its heart

Dreams are like butterflies


Dreams are like butterflies

Enticing yet elusive

Dazzling yet distant

Vibrant yet vicious

And just when they

seem so close at hand

just a touch way

They drop out of sight


till some other day

They flutter by us and 


glide  into submission

Only this time they belong to us !

Peek-a-boo – Weekly Photo Challenge ( Forces of nature)


The    clouds    may     envelope     the    

horizon     of     your      life

today,      but      the  ‘Sun’   of     good  

hope     &      happiness

cannot     elude      you    for      too    



Rise up like the Phoenix


Scared faces, ruins around

Screams of agony, desperate tears

Wailing children, mothers not found

A valley of death, submerged in fears


Rise up from the ashes

Like a Phoenix you must

As your whole world crashes

To the ground, reduced to dust


The future waits to be written anew

So gear up, you have a long way to go

Let hope be your armour, and courage lead you through

To   resurrect and re-build the country you call ‘home’.

An Oar of Optimism – Weekly Photo Challenge (afloat) part 2

Weekly photo challenge – 2 (afloat)


Over  waters

both tumultuous

and placid

Braving weathers

 calm and  tempestuous

Fatigue ridden

yet sanguine

I row my boat

called Life

With an

Oar of optimism

striving  to

 stay  afloat 

in this brimming

sea of humanity .

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