An Oar of Optimism – Weekly Photo Challenge (afloat) part 2

Weekly photo challenge – 2 (afloat)


Over  waters

both tumultuous

and placid

Braving weathers

 calm and  tempestuous

Fatigue ridden

yet sanguine

I row my boat

called Life

With an

Oar of optimism

striving  to

 stay  afloat 

in this brimming

sea of humanity .

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From Robot to human ! ( Technological De-addicition complete)

These days I am in a ‘technology de-addiction’ (don’t refer the lexicon, I just made it up !) mode , not so much by choice as by lack of it . The place I am in  right now (and will continue to be for a month or more) as I  have written before is a little far away from civilization ( alright, perhaps ‘little’ is an understatement. It is very far from anything close to civilization !).

There is no mobile connectivity, and even land phones are out  most of the time, owing to the wind, rain and sometimes neither of these. My accessibility to the internet is restricted to weekends. Needless to say, I am unavailable on my Whatsapp account as well .

But that is what has made me experience this life, as it was before; before any of this had ever come to exist , a life as it was meant to be !

I have discovered that living without facebook or whatspp does not kill. I am living and I have never felt more alive before. Well, alright perhaps, that was a bit of exaggeration , but the essence is the same, I am definitely feeling more human these days ( though I am so addicited to these technological innovations now, that I cannot survive being human for too long! ).

So I await my robotic existence , where I type more than I talk, I see more than I listen and I chat with far away people more than I do with my own family members and emote more with emoticons than with my own face. Wow, what a life !

And here I am, breathing in fresh mountain air as I take my morning walks, feeling the breeze, watching the snow capped peaks, listening to the rustle of the leaves and the cawing the raven ; when I could have just slouched on my couch and exercised my fingers instead (typing on my phone I meant !).

I spend precious mornings and evenings painting flowers and butterflies with my little one, watching animated movies on the laptop together , dancing like crazy to rocking numbers , swinging together in the garden, playing with the little puppy we have got here, watching the bees and the ducks ….. when I could have just handed her a tablet and let her be !

I read more, I write more, I click more pictures and definitely appreciate nature more. I feel so much like a ‘human’ again…a ‘boring’ human who will be a complete and utter misfit in a techno-savvy world.

But am I happy…? Yes. Do I feel good and healthy? I feel refreshed and rejuvenated ! Am I exaggerating again? No, this is honest :P. So I guess, I needed this forced de-addicition to start seeing things as they were before , to start enjoying  the simple pleasures of life we take so much for granted otherwise. I needed this, to realize the time I was giving away to these socio-technological innovations , for free. I needed this to let me know that I am supposed to control them and not vice versa.

Well, have I learnt my lessons? I think I have. I cannot and will not wean away completely from any of these , the internet in particular( for how else will I run my precious blog..?) , but I will not go back to being a robot again.

I want to stay human, for this is how God meant us to be !

Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall


I am  the  Wall , built by you

not of bricks,  stones or hay

I am  the  Wall, built by you

made of hatred,  prejudice and perceptions lay

I am the Wall,  built by you

not to protect , nor shelter from sun or rain

I am the Wall , built by you

to divide  lands and spread pain.

I am the  Wall , built by you

not to strengthen or support your home

I am the  Wall built by you

to weaken humanity, inviting a storm.

I am the Wall of narrow fragmentations

of caste and class , color and religion

I ruin lives ,  shatter nations

bring misery and despair beyond recognition

Destroy me today , bring me to the ground

Spread love , spread cheer

Let there be  no boundaries  around

Free this world from hatred and fear

Weekly photo challenge – Wall

The last breath ( poetry )

I see it limp and lifeless..

sprawled across the bed…

I stand and stare , all helpless

But it is long gone , long dead…

I wait for it to stir , to give me a sign.

Perhaps I can help , perhaps go back in time

I pray hard , I pray fast , to the Almighty benign

Hoping it’s only a nightmare , I wait for my clock to chime…

I brush away my tears , my heart still pounding hard ,

And once again , I turn my eyes to the body on the bed…

The truth now  dawns on me – the Earth is already  marred ;

I  grieve , I mourn , as I finally accept  – Humanity is now dead... !

  • [ p.s : I wrote this poem to express my utter shock and grief at the  yesterday’s incident in my neighboring nation where so many innocent children were attacked and killed mercilessly , leaving behind so many families mourning the loss of their beloved babies…. I see this heinous act as the death of humanity….. ]

The mother -child bond – The master of all humanity ! ( weekly photo challenge-DAILY POST )


HUMANITY’ is nothing…

but you and me ;

Like a desert never ending …

or a vast open sea.

The mother-child bond is the ‘key’ ,

Their love – pure and ETERNAL ;

The ‘MASTER’ of all humanity….

this ever so powerful bond – MATERNAL !

The fate of the whole humanity ;

rests on this one relation …

How the mother ‘moulds’ her baby….

can decide the ‘destiny’ of an entire ‘nation’ !


Her selfless affection and care…

will shape ‘his’ (her) personality…;

This love that they share….

has the power to save humanity !

Only a ‘great’ mother ..

can create a ‘great’ human being ;

Uninhibited love for each other …

shall be her very first teaching...


So I bow low to all the mothers…

of the country and the world ;

who have produced some great leaders…

whose ‘great’ deeds,will be ,forever told .