Daily Prompt: Tiny

via Daily Prompt: Tiny


A  tiny  crevice is all  you need

to let in the glistening sun beams

A  tiny spark is all  you need

to grow wings and  follow your dreams......

An Oar of Optimism – Weekly Photo Challenge (afloat) part 2

Weekly photo challenge – 2 (afloat)


Over  waters

both tumultuous

and placid

Braving weathers

 calm and  tempestuous

Fatigue ridden

yet sanguine

I row my boat

called Life

With an

Oar of optimism

striving  to

 stay  afloat 

in this brimming

sea of humanity .

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The Titillating oblivion (Daily prompt – Image search )


Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

The first  word that came to my mind  when I read the prompt  was ‘adventure’ and when I googled it up , this was the eleventh image I found…. I decided to write a few lines of poetry inspired by this image … :

There is an obscure thrill in oblivion 

An exhilaration in not knowing 

which adds a subtle spice

to our  steaming

romance with ‘Life’ ,

Because , at every   new turn ,

There awaits an  intriguing surprise….