THE ENCHANTING LIGHT (Flash fiction part 4 )


The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger friend Jithin of PhoTrablogger. The picture above is his creative photography which inspired this series of fiction writing. Do check out his blog to read his adventures while travelling and some lovely photographs.

Character list:

Rebecca: Protagonist ( the main character)
Samantha: Rebecca’s mother

David Lyngdoh: Samantha’s husband and Rebecca’s father

Joe: Samantha’s childhood friend
Eda: Joe’s daughter and Rebecca’s friend
Kavin: An elderly widower works as supervisor in the monastery
Liam: Rebecca’s husband

Part 1 by Soul n Spirit
Part 2 by Ruth

Part 3 by saya d poet

 You need to read the first three parts ,to enjoy my story better …


Rebecca watched in awe, at the radiant face . It looked so calm , so tranquil ,so pure… yet there was a distinct aura about it ,a certain angelic quality that assured her that, what transpired an hour  or so back was not a dream . It was a vision and the owner of that beaming face held  the clue . Yes , only he , his holiness ,the Dalai lama , could free her from this misery.

As she stood there , in one corner of the hall , behind the sea of monks in red robes ,all lost in  chants, she felt a warm gaze on her . Instinctively she looked up and saw his eyes penetrate her’s .  She beheld those eyes fascinated ,  almost as if in a hypnotic trance .

And then it happened… She heard voices talking ..whispering ..chanting…

‘Rebecca’, she heard someone whisper , in her ear…She looked around  baffled… But ,the voice that called her seemed to come from a distance….

And then her eyes  fell on him ,standing in the centre of the hall , analyzing her reaction , expecting her to respond . That was when the sudden realization hit her , like a bolt of lightening..

It was the voice of the ‘Dalai Lama’ , she could hear him yet his lips didn’t stir..but his eyes were fixed on her ,till she heard him again ‘Rebecca’ . ‘Yes’ , she responded , looking up at him , not knowing what to expect anymore…

Suddenly she had a warm feeling inside her right palm ,and she opened it… The heat was emanating from the locket  and as she stared at it , it seemed to gleam , like the  luminous sun ; as if a thousand  effulgent rays were struggling to be set free , from inside it .

Then she saw it , the source of the illumination – a crack in the locket. She couldn’t believe what she saw …’Oh ,my god , it can be opened !’ , Rebecca exclaimed loudly , unable to contain her excitement ,at this new found discovery .

But she soon realized her folly , as the assembly hall fell silent abruptly , hundreds of eyes staring at her , expressing their disapproval…

‘Oh , I am so sorry !’ , she cried  , the color of her face turned a bright scarlet .As she made her way out from the hall  , feeling embarrassed , the warmth inside her palm returned .

Rebecca was about to open her palm and release the locket from her tight grip , so she may try to open it , when she felt a firm hand on her shoulder . Aghast ,she turned to see Eda , standing right behind her . Relieved , she spoke , ‘Thank god it is  you ,Eda..… I…’ , as she was about to narrate her strange rendezvous with His Holiness , The Dalai Lama , she retracted . Something in Eda’s eyes didn’t look right…

Eda looked unusually nervous  , and as usual , Rebecca suppressed her elation , and tried to find out the cause of friend’s anxiety . ‘What is Eda..? Are you alright..? Is something the matter…’ , she shot out a volley of questions at Eda .

Eda remained silent.  Rebecca had a queer feeling of impending doom..mustering courage she asked , ‘Is it uncle Joe…?Is he alright..?? . But before she could interrogate  Eda anymore , a sudden wave of excruciating pain   washed through her whole body , as she saw blood trickling down , from her head . Dazed , Rebecca shot out her hand and touched her head . Warm , blood covered her palm s and the locket , as she gasped for breath . Then with a loud ‘thud’ ,she hit the floor , sprawled on her back ,in a pool of  dark blood .

As life ebbed away , minute by minute ,Rebecca opened her eyes one last time , before losing consciousness…Uncle Joe and Eda , stared at her , a cold , wild look in their eyes .

The tip of the hammer in Uncle Joe’s hand glistened and so did the locket that Eda now  held in her hand….And then it was all darkness…………..

Will Rebecca survive to save the love of her life….?

The next part will be written by James ….