In love once more…


He was

just another

lonely soul

bereft of love

betrayed in love

till he began to sing

Beware of love

and then one day

he beheld her

as she descended

from the skies

like an angel

and he knew

in that moment ephemeral –

 He had lost his heart once more

Yes, he was in love, all over again !

The unspoken bond – Love


I may not always tell

but decipher the language of my silence

I may not always cry

but sense the anguish of my soul

I may not always ask

but read the questions in my mind

I may not always smile

but sense the cheer in my voice

I may not always sing

but hear the song in my heart

I may not always express

but discern the love in my eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge part 2- Ephemeral



I wish to capture

for eternity

the magical memories

of this moment –



those  tittilating smiles


the long warm embraces


the soft  tender kisses

And imprison

your beautiful face

In my heart

so when this moment


These memories

live in me

for now



For my first entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral , please click  HERE

Possessed by Love


As she let him

grow and multiply

between the spaces

of her own body & mind

she felt herself lost

in the maze of her

own making .

For wherever she looked

inside her mortal body

his face had replaced her’s

overpowering her senses

till one day

he was breathing in her body

and she no longer existed.



I have been invited by a fellow blogger The Summer Rain  to write about love in 10 sentences of 4 words each , and also share my  favorite quote on love , along with nominating a few more bloggers to continue this chain of love . Thank you Umber for nominating me for this beautiful task .

So here is what I have written on ‘Love’ :

Love is the wind

that keeps asail  the

boat of my life

The nectar that adds

a saccharine punch to

 a sour tasteless strife

Love is a breath

of early morning breeze

that sparks my spirits

and ignites my fire

My favorite quote on ‘Love’ :

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”   –   Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

 I honestly believe that love is blind , and when one looks from the eyes of love , everything and every person is beautiful .


I won’t be nominating anyone in particular , due to my limited time schedule , but anyone who reads this post can feel free to write a new post linking to this and continue the chain if you so wish …

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Weekly Photo Challenge (DEPTH )

Weekly photo challenge -depth

Picture 243Picture 244

As I try to gauge  the depth 

of your  intense affections

I am overwhelmed

to learn that your

love for me

stretches upto




Picture 246

The love story of a boat …


A lonely ark , sits by the edge of the stream

that shimmers , under the silver moon beam

 It sways to  the rhythm of the ripples soft

whispering sweet nothings , as it gently laughs

The majestic trees rustle in the breeze

urging the boat , the moment to seize

‘For this night shall not come again..

 Confess your love to the passing train’

The ark hesitates , just hems and haws

And then it speaks , after a pregnant pause

‘My friends I know , you mean well for me

But will the lofty train , stop to see ?’

‘The train is a beauty , I have adored her long

Her slender form , and her high pitched song

As I watch her meandering and gliding past

My heart begins to beat…ever so fast’

The trees weep as they hear his plight

Such pure love , needs to see daylight

‘Oh, you love her so , then do not let her go

Shout , scream,  wave or row !’

‘Oh I am just a   wobbly little boat’

so saying , he began to clear his throat ;

‘The train is exquisite, and deserves  far more

than a rickety , dreamy ark without an ore’

‘She travels far , to places unknown

while I have stayed on this stream ,all alone

She leads a life of thrill and adventure

But beyond this lake , I fear to venture’

‘Oh she is the moon and I am just a child

who wishes to own it , in my imaginations wild’

And I shall worship her till eternity

My first  love , she shall always be’

Just then the train came slithering by…

 puffing out smoke , as if to say goodbye

The little ark , beheld her , lovelorn

as she chugged past , her whistle blown…

‘All love stories do not end 

on a happy note , my dear friend’

said the boat to the  trees

who were still swaying with the breeze

(The above picture , which inspired this poetry , is shot by my friend and fellow blogger PHOTRABLOGGER .Please check his blog to provide your feedback on this picture and also for more pictures and travel stories . )