Of Tea Cups And Tea Pots ( Weekly Photo Challenge – SYMBOL)


A humble tea set....

A humble tea set….

Last weekend we were taking a break from our regular busy routines to unwind and relax in another city close home. While we were all  ready and  set to paint the town red , I noticed this beautiful antique yet simple tea set in one corner of the Hotel lobby. And I was struck by not only its simple beauty but by the wonderful , beautiful memories it brought to my mind instantly.

A tea set for me is a symbol of refreshment and rejuvenation ; of sunny days and rainy evenings; of happy and fun conversations with my better half ( the tea is just an excuse 😉 ) ; of relaxed holidays and bird watching in the garden…

I am amazed as to how a humble tea set could trigger so many wonderful , positive and cheerful memories….so for me it is a symbol of optimistic, happy and carefree times!

P.S : Do you agree ? Do share with me your most favorite memories with this age old beverage… Any special stories..? feel free to share .

Weekly Photo Challenge part 2- Ephemeral



I wish to capture

for eternity

the magical memories

of this moment –



those  tittilating smiles


the long warm embraces


the soft  tender kisses

And imprison

your beautiful face

In my heart

so when this moment


These memories

live in me

for now



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Just a lot of memories of a good life and health……. ( poetry )

Daily Post Prompt

The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.


This isn’t a mere hard disk, you see before you..

It is ‘my heart’ opened up to examine ;

It contains , my passionate writings – a few ..

And details of  all my  monthly planning.

Menus for parties , I hosted at home

And a few ‘exotic’ recipes too ;

Lists of things , I planned to own ..

A checklist , of things I needed to do .

My computer was akin to my ‘Personal Diary’

A locker for  all safe keeping too…

For, in the depths of these folders ,many ,

are tucked in ‘Infinite’ memories , to view !

Beautiful images , that speak a thousand words ;

captured for life , through the camera lens..

In all corners of the disc abound …

precious memories of my  family and friends.

So if you plan on buying this thing…. 

Be prepared to receive my ‘hard earned’ wealth ;

Not  in money , gold , or  bling …

Just a lot of memories of a good life and health.

Family vacations……..slow down !!

Daily Post Prompt

If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

They say ,  ‘All good times must come to an end’….But , there are moments when I wish they would never end…. And even if they have to , it is at a much more, gradual pace , rather than its usual , ‘Blink and you miss it’ one !!!

Family holidays are times , that are the most cherished and remembered , yet they are also the times ,that seem to zoom past with an exceptional speed. In fact , by the time you realize you are on a holiday , it is already beginning to end !

And so , if I would actually be given the power to slow down an event , it would be these fun filled travel holidays I have with my husband and daughter …

Family vacations, especially those involving travel , to new places , are a means of de-stressing  and removing ourselves from the hustle bustle of an active , busy life…


These times spent well , with out close ones , help us to sit back and ponder over the blessings God has given us , thus helping us rejuvenate and relax.  It , helps us to bond more as a family , while letting us see new , unexplored places at the same time…

Hence , by slowing down this event ,

I will be able to enjoy every

little element of our  holiday and cherish those moments , as

‘Precious Memories’ for ever  🙂

Family Times :)

Family Times 🙂