Awards again !

Alright so before we step into the year 2015 , it is time for me to accept and express gratitude for some awards I have been nominated for in the last one month .


First of all I would like to extend my warm gratitude to Dr Aruna of Ripples n reflections for nominating me for the ‘Inspiring blogger’ award . I am indeed humbled , especially receiving it from someone like Dr Aruna , who has been a source of inspiration for me ,ever since I joined this blogosphere , a few months ago . Her blog is a reflection of her honest and straight forward self and you may check out her blog for some great write ups , lovely poetry and some fun reads !


Secondly I would like to thank my fellow blogger Wanda of A girl called Wanda for nominating me for the ‘One lovely blog’ award . Although I have received this award once before , I would like to accept it as a token of appreciation for my work . I feel , one can never have enough of love and awards ! You must check out Wanda’s blog for her light hearted posts which mostly revolve around her motherhood experiences with her two wonderful kids !

Now for me to nominate a few of those blogs which have inspired me in some way or another . Those nominated , may feel free to  accept the award , without the need for nominating anyone else further … Also , if you have been awarded before , please accept this has a token of my appreciation for your blog …


Apart from these , there are a few I would like to mention , for the fact that their blogs have also in some manner or another , inspired me to write better ,click better or think better. These blogs have perhaps been already awarded the inspiring blogger award by Dr Aruna , but I cannot help mentioning them here in my post , because they inspired me too :

That is all for now…

take care all

One lovely blog award

Today is the ‘Festival of lights’ , DIWALI , in India. Hence ,I think it to be an apt occasion to accept one of the two rewards , bestowed upon me in the recent times – One lovely blog award , express my gratitude and spread the joy ,as Diwali is the time for sharing gifts !!!

I take this opportunity to thank Rashmi , of soul n spirit blog , for considering me deserving enough for this award. Rashmi comes across to me as a very positive and inspiring person and her blog , is a reflection of her. Her posts , exude a lot of warmth and optimism , that passes on to the reader as well. The fun element in her writings and her travel photographs , are a great way to know her and India , better. I love the way she includes the elements of Indian culture , capturing its essence through her writings and pictures.So if you haven’t already checked out her blog ,you must ,without delay 😉

Now for the rules to follow ,once nominated :

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post
  • Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

Now since I am done with the first two points ,time to move to the third , that is SEVEN FACTS ABOUT ME  :

  1. I appreciate HONESTY in others ,and try to remain honest myself .
  2. I love TRAVELLING and exploring different places across the globe.
  3. l am fond of trying out DIFFERENT CUISINES of the world , and make it a point to taste the local food , where ever we go..
  4. I love GETTING CLICKED ,as much as I love clicking pictures
  5. I love reading , but I love READING OUT ALOUD even more , especially when I am reading  fiction
  6. I love ALL KINDS OF ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES , my dream to skydive and bungee jump !
  7. I have always loved the stage as a school going kid and have a passion for ACTING. 

So now ,time to nominate a few favorite blogs ,  ( I shall  not be nominating 15 right away , but shall keep adding new blogs as and when I find them ! ) though some of you may have been nominated a zillion times before or perhaps have a NO- REWARD POLICY and I completely appreciate that , but I shall still be nominating you as a token of my appreciation for you work….


As I said , will be upgrading my list soon……….And coming up a new post for my ‘PREMIO DARDOS AWARD‘…..

Till then , adieu and happy diwali to all 😀