Alright so this is in response to the Handwriting challenge by Jithin of PhoTrablogger .

Well we do live today in a world where the traditional handwriting has taken a backseat in favor of the typed Alphabet . But I have always been a conservative , when it comes to writing .

Although ,a few  of my poems have never seen a paper before they got published here on my blog , most of them have ! In fact all my short stories have been given birth by my loyal pen and have found their way in my diary …. ‘Penning down’ , is an important thing for me to express my thoughts and feelings ..

Whenever I write a story , I go with the flow of my thoughts..sometimes I have had to tear away pages of my diary if the work hasn’t been up to my satisfaction and sometimes they are filled with lots of scribbles , strikes and scribbles …And apart from the first few lines of my short story , the rest of it is one dirty mess …

So here is a picture I thought of finally putting up in response to this challenge , a page from my diary and the beginning of my new short story…although the final version may still end up with alterations. The story is still in the process of being written…But this can be a ‘Teaser’ of sorts ! (so much for my self promotion 😛 ) :

So when was the last time you wrote down something on paper …?