Weekly Photo Challenge part 2- Ephemeral



I wish to capture

for eternity

the magical memories

of this moment –



those  tittilating smiles


the long warm embraces


the soft  tender kisses

And imprison

your beautiful face

In my heart

so when this moment


These memories

live in me

for now



For my first entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral , please click  HERE

Possessed by Love


As she let him

grow and multiply

between the spaces

of her own body & mind

she felt herself lost

in the maze of her

own making .

For wherever she looked

inside her mortal body

his face had replaced her’s

overpowering her senses

till one day

he was breathing in her body

and she no longer existed.


The wedding Bells – Part 6 (Flash fiction chain # 6 )

img_9020-fileminimizerOnce again, a group of writers from different geographical realms encompassing all of Earth gather together to create a wonderful story. The photograph above serves as the inspirational theme for the 6th Flash Fiction Chain hosted by Jithin of ProTraBlogger. Give his beautiful site a visit and feast your eyes on the inspirational photos or read about his adventures.

A comprehensive list of important characters in the story:


Anna Brighton- a 32 year old CEO that owns and runs a publishing company

Alex Burns – well established author, Anna’s ex, Toby Blackwell’s cousin

Melissa Doyle – the bride, Anna’s dear friend

Toby Blackwell – co-owns the Blackwell estate, Alexis’ cousin

(Supporting characters)

Jenny- Anna’s secretary

Adam – Owner of Adam and Eve’s

Harrison – Melissa’s fiance.

I am entrusted to write  Part 6 of the story… To understand the flow of the story, it is best to read the first five parts before reading this one.

PART 1 by Sona

PART 2 by Yinglan

PART 3 by Priceless Joy

PART 4 by Frenesthetist

PART 5 by Dr Ko

                                                        PART 6

She fell asleep and dreamed  of flowers, bells and……. love….

Once again Anna was back in the garden…The sweet , intoxicating scent of roses , wafted in the cool , night air . As  Anna stood there watching the silver orb , now gradually hiding behind the grey clouds , she heard a rustle behind her . Anna turned around to look . She saw the shadow of a tall man , walking towards her from the other side of the garden.

  Anna tried to make out the face of the man , whose very presence was beginning to unsettle the rhythm of her heart. Before she knew it , he had inched closer to her . There  was a  momentous silence between them and Anna could hear the fervent  fluttering of her own heart. .

 She stood transfixed  in hypnotic fascination , as the man leaned closer . His  intriguing scent consumed her senses . She could feel his warm breath  on her face , sense his excitement at this proximity , and her own lips quivered in nervous excitement . There was something magnetic about his presence , something so stimulating that she didn’t wish to tear away from him . As she felt him cup her face , in his warm ,  hands , a tingling sensation enveloped her ..

In the very next moment , she felt his lips pressed against her own and a surge of euphoria engulfed her whole being… Her mind started racing… She tried to pull away yet she wanted to stay…

Then , all of sudden she heard a women’s voice calling out to her ….’Anna..Anna..’ 

Anna opened her eyes , unwillingly . Through the half parted eyelids , she could see a hazy form , shouting to her , ‘Anna…for God’s sake…It is my wedding today !’

Anna bolted upright on the bed . Rubbing her eyes , she tried to make sense of everything. For a brief second , she felt lost. But Mel’s  anxious face soon brought her back to the present . The Hen party …the walk in the garden..Alex’s nocturnal tryst , and then the dream… Anna felt her face flush , at the very memory  of it….

Mel’s voice was still booming . ‘Anna..what happened to you.Are you even listening ?’ . Anna turned to look at Mel . Her friend looked perturbed , a crease of worry running across her forehead. ‘Mel..what’s wrong ? I am sorry..I overslept… I..’ , She was about to continue , when Melissa interrupted her and remarked ,  somewhat pensively , ‘Anna..it is the ring ! I forgot to collect Harry’s wedding ring from the jeweler .’

As Anna stared at her aghast , and still a little dazed from her sleep , Mel continued in the same strain , ‘Oh Anna , I had planned to pick it up yesterday after our visit to Adam and Eve’s , but the fake police episode followed by our Hen party…drowned my plans…. I shouldn’t have…’

Anna jumped in to her rescue , ‘Don’t worry dear . There is still some time for the wedding . I will hurry up and collect the ring , while you finish dressing up . In case I am late , I shall meet you at the Church …Would that be fine by you ?  ‘That would be perfect ! Thank you sweetheart ..you are such a life saver !’ , replied Mel , looking relieved and much happier , as she hugged Anna tightly and gave her a peck on the cheek . ‘Alright then , I will hurry up and get dressed ….’ , announced Anna , as she crept put of her bed and rushed towards the washroom .

Anna looked at herself in the mirror , pleased . Adam’s assistant was truly a magician ! The dress fit her perfectly now . She then , adorned her neck with a silver chain , a small diamond pendant hanging from it . ‘Well that completes it..!’ , and then Anna blushed at her own vanity.

She did not remember the last time , she had spent so much effort in getting dressed . But ‘Today is special…It is my best friend’s wedding !’ ,  Anna thought out aloud , though in the deepest corner of her heart she knew  that wasn’t the actual reason . She felt unusually cheerful today…and Mel’s wedding had nothing to do with it….

Was the cupid’s spirit working its magic on her ? …She wasn’t so sure…

Just as she was about to jump into the driver’s seat of her of Red Mercedes , she heard a  deep baritone  behind her and turned.’You need a chauffeur perhaps  ?….’ , inquired Toby , looking Suave in a  Black  Tuxedo . Anna stared at him , unabashedly , while Toby , interrogated , in his characteristic gentlemanly manner , ‘May I be of any service ?…you don’t know yet  darling , but I am a good driver.’

He scrutinized Anna , with a twinkle in his eyes , and then , as if gathering courage from her expression  , went on , ‘You shall be safe in my hands , princess !‘  Anna’s cheeks changed a color of crimson ,  as she stared at Toby ,  his robust figure , now accentuated by the  creases on the tuxedo .

And as if that wasn’t enough ,   Tobias ,  smiled  an electrifying  smile ,  that revealed his dimples , making Anna weak in her knees  .  After a moment’s pause , she spoke, with a hint of flirtation , ‘Alright then , go on , please me….’ .

Soon , the Red Mercedes  vroomed past  Alex , who was standing on the porch of the  huge mansion , peering in the direction of the car , his fists clenched in a  suppressed  feeling of anger and betrayal.

Will cupid do its job of uniting Anna with her lover ..? Was it the charismatic Toby or the attractive Alex..? Will Anna be able to reach the wedding venue , on time ? Will this one hour  before Melissa’s wedding change  Anna’s life for ever ? 

The next part  is  written by  Itchy Quill …so read on as it gets more and more interesting 😉


Two sides of the same coin……


If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?


Until I read, I cannot learn

Until I learn , I cannot earn

the wisdom , for which I forever yearn

Until I earn , I cannot return

to the world ,when it is my turn

Until I return , I cannot spurn

the evil called ignorance

Until I spurn , I cannot let burn

the torch to inaugurate my passion

to use my words and ideas to churn

my  own space called ‘Pen’lightenment !

To melt away… (poetry)

The evening sunset on the beach...

Words fail to escape me

as I feel  your warm gaze

pierce through my soul

coaxing my heart 

to throb like

it has never before

And just like the

soft  sheet of snow

that  melts under the ardor

of the glistening  morning sun

I too wish  to melt away ,

to  evaporate into the void

and yet be alive

within You….

in all your heart beats………

A clandestine affair ….

This picture has been shot by my better half on 1600mm Telephoto lens , which was of course borrowed 😀

The stars sneer in envy ,

at the passionate affair

between the Silver Orb

and the Celestial Sphere , 

entangled together

in a sensual embrace

till the first blush of dawn……..

COVER ART – Daily Post Weekly Photochallenge – ‘Do you know your stars ?’

Wow…when I read the topic for  Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge , I was very excited.. Though I am a new bee blogger , It is a long cherished dream to write a book…(not that I have written one yet ! ). I have been trying my hand at writing short stories , but I don’t know if I would ever have the patience and perseverance required to write a book .

But if I were to write a book in the future , it would probably be a fiction genre , involving elements of Passion , Mystery and Romance.

So , here is my response to the photo challenge , the cover page of a Book I might decide to write and publish in the future…I have edited the picture using pic monkey as suggested in the challenge and to add an element of fun , I have also given it the name I would probably give my book …

This picture was taken , a few years back in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands….I hope you like it !!!




When I was  in school , I had a few favourite teachers ( just like any other school going kid ! ) and a few ‘ nightmarish’ ones too.  Even to this day , I remember  those few good teachers ,who have in some way or the other contributed to the kind of person I am today…And whenever I think of them , I do so with a lot of love and affection….

That is when I began to ponder over those qualities that make these teachers stand apart from the rest in the crowd…; what was it that made them so unique ,that their students ( me and many others like me ! ) still feel attached to them..

A little more thinking brought   to me  the answers …and when I became a teacher myself I did try ,to inculcate those qualities in myself too , though whether I succeeded in my endeavour , is for my students to answer… !


Based on my experience as a student  , and later as a teacher , I have concluded that a good teacher should possess the following qualities :

  • A cheerful disposition : A teacher who smiles and enters the classroom will pass on  the positivity , to her students as well. A long-faced teacher , will only contribute to loss of interest among the students and make them sad too…
  • Hard working :  As they say there is no short cut to success…Similarly , to be a good teacher one has to do his/her homework.  A teacher should be well prepared for the class and dedicated to the subject. Students have the uncanny ability to gauge you level of preparation…
  • Patient : A teacher has to have loads of patience to answer the queries of the inquisitive students and never discourage questions ( unless they are completely unrelated to the topic at hand ! )
  • Understanding : A teacher needs to have a good understanding of his/her students , their abilities , their aptitudes and also of their weaknesses and  work accordingly. Performance is relative in nature and what is good for one , may not be considered good for a student with more calibre.
  • Establishing a good rapport with the students 
  • Make the class interesting : Merely reading from the book or lecturing the students will only distract them from the subject and lose interest. A teacher should be able to use examples from real life , books ,even movies ,  and current affairs to make students identify with the subject matter ( this is particularly useful while teaching History and science )
  • Class discussions and debates : A class , particularly the social sciences ,can get monotonous and boring for the students if not handled well . So a good teacher is onw who can retain the curiosity of the pupils by engaging them in various subject related activities.
  • Not hurry with the syllabus : It is important to complete the syllabus on time ,but that should not be the criteria on which to base one’s teaching.  A teacher’s aim should be to enhance the knowledge of the students and enable better understanding of the subject in them ,while also motivating them to read further on the subject.


  • Your students welcome you with groans and moans….
  • When the bell goes , they are not willing to wait for a second more to let you complete your sentence.
  • You find many of your students yawn and a few even steal a cat nap , in between your class
  • Your students express happiness when you tell them ,you might be absent for a few days !
  • When you meet them outside the school ,most of them turn way from you or pass by without wishing
  • The performance of your students deteriorates from time to time.
  • your ex-students make no effort to stay in touch with you or show any other kind of attachment to you


You will know you are an ‘AWESOME’  teacher if :

  • You love your job !
  • you love your students
  • you are greeted by smiling faces ,when you enter your classroom
  • your students are filled with enthusiasm regarding the topic at hand ( chances are your class is a noisy one ! )
  • you are asked umpteen amount of questions related to the topic 
  • willing participation of the students in class discussion
  • most of your students develop a new found love for your subject
  • You are greeted and wished ,wherever you meet
  •  Your social networking site is filled with friend requests from your ex-students , after you have left the school  !
  • Even after years , they remember to stay in touch