Daily Prompt: Tiny

via Daily Prompt: Tiny


A  tiny  crevice is all  you need

to let in the glistening sun beams

A  tiny spark is all  you need

to grow wings and  follow your dreams......


The New Dawn


Every dismal , dreary dark hour 

is followed by a youthful , sanguine dawn

 when the raw rays of the rising golden orb ,

touch down upon the woebegone land

replenishing it with renewed optimism

 thus , giving impulse to a

new , and throbbing


My recipe of life

A truckload of smiles

to make my day bright

and a few shared giggles

to add an extra spice ;

Just a handful of humor

and jest in our talks ;

A  heart full of love 

 and long silent walks ..

These are the ingredients

that I would require

to churn out a happy 

and blissful  life ;

Season it well

with warm hugs and cuddles

And see it transform even hell

into heaven !!!

New year musings

I have often come across people who make a billion resolutions for the New year , but don’t manage to fulfill even one… I may have , perhaps , been another addition to this list of ‘resolution breakers’ , except that I have never really made any resolutions !

I am a carefree person , who likes to take life as it comes , and making a list of  ‘to do’ things is so not me’ ! I feel a ‘list’ , no matter , how simple or ordinary it may be (ranging from a grocery checklist to a new year resolutions one ! ) , tends to restrict our thinking , and our ability to act spontaneously .


When we have a list in front of us , there is a tendency to try and accomplish the things mentioned there in , with the effect that one tends to ignore the other , more significant things in our lives….

Being without a list ,does not make you ‘goal-less’ or aim less , it just means your life is more flexible and you have the ability to modify your priorities , while fulfilling your responsibilities…

Even if we do not make any new year resolution , it is important that we take out time to sit back and ponder over the things in store for us the coming year ,and the lessons from the past year …Sometimes , our lives may demand a major attitude change or a change of perspectives….

The past year has taught me many lessons , the most important being not to take anything or any person for granted . But I am human , and no matter how hard I try sometimes ,  I tend to repeat my mistakes !

 Here I would like to share a few lessons the past few years have taught me :

  • I have learnt over the last few years that  the most important thing in life is to stay happy  , yourself . Only a person who is satisfied with his own life can go around trying to improve other people’s lives..

  • No matter what others say , or expect you to do  , always do what your gut instinct says…It is never wrong !

  • Happiness is a matter of choice so you can choose to be happy where ever you are …. If things do not work the way you want them to , try to create new ways to keep yourself happy and fulfilled…Finding a new hobby or pursuing your creative skills is just the beginning !

  • Stop blaming yourself or  others , if things go wrong . Make your own life choices and be prepared for the worst !

  • Stop expecting too much out of every person , thing  or place .. When you demand less , you often tend to get more !

  • There are enough things to make life worth living  around each one of us…One just has to have the eyes to spot them .

  • Concentrate on the good things in life and let go off all negativity . Fill your lives with people who motivate ,inspire and encourage you and keep away from people who crib and complain all the time .

Joining wordpress has had a very positive influence in my life…I have begun to concentrate more on my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses… It has inspired me to make a constructive use of my time and instilled a sense of true sportsman spirit by providing me the opportunity to support and positively influence many others enroute…

So 2015 , I am ready for you ..bring it on 😉

 I hope this New Year fills all your lives with all the wonderful things in life , and may it inspire you all to be better human beings and spread cheer and positivity in the world around you !



Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO ‘REGRET’ . I have already written a lot of articles , pertaining to  so many things that life , is perhaps  not long enough for , under the category Life Lessons , of my blog .

Life is precious and every second lost in a negative emotion , only goes to further reduce its already ‘short’ nature .

I have often come across people whose attitude towards life , surprises me , in a strange yet funny way . On one hand , they talk about the ‘valuable thing’ that life is , and on the other hand , spend the remaining part of their ‘valuable’ lives ‘regretting’ their past actions !

‘Regret’ is good , especially , when it spontaneously follows , a bad action or harsh word spoken in anger or haste , and  leads to the rendering of an apology.

But the same doesn’t hold true when it comes to personal decisions and past actions of a person . I have seen people fret and fume , over a  bad decision to marry a certain person ( while not making any singular effort to improve their relationship ),  or not marrying a certain person ( psst…the grass is always greener on the other side ! ). While one lady  regrets  her decision to have two kids , instead of one… there is another , who regrets  she never had a second child !

Life isn’t a bed of roses for anyone , not even for a billionaire (  who perhaps , has his own share of problems to toil with ! ).

 Every individual is unique and what one must not forget is that , we are what we are today because of our own ‘unique’ decisions and actions…. All our actions , good or bad , have somewhere or the other ,helped  us grow into more mature adults capable of  facing the ‘big , bad’  world . So , regretting things , that can no longer be undone is not productive in any manner . Rather , the more we dwell on our past actions and feel miserable , the less time we get to enjoy the life we have .

By constantly cribbing and feeling sorry for oneself , we not only make our own lives , difficult but also spread our negativity to those around us . So instead of thinking about things , people and actions , that should or should  not have been , it is always better to concentrate on the good things in life . Enjoy your today , forget your past and see your future shine !

Everything that happens to us , happens for a reason . This philosophy in life , has always got me through all the unpleasant phases of  life and enabled me to embrace my beautiful present and look forward to a bright tomorrow ! So the next time , you  regret something in life , remind yourself that this shall not repeat , smile , and walk ahead….And see how wonderful life looks !  Have a beautiful life people 🙂

The Childish Awe (weekly photo challenge – minimalist 1 )



I look with awe , at this world

filled with wonder, for everything

This universe is my playground…

though I am, but a fledgling !

I find such joy in the  colorful flowers …

and the pretty, hovering butterflies ;

I love to see the wiggly , green caterpillars

and the birds , soaring up in the clear ,blue skies….

I wish , adults could see this wonderful  world

with my curious , childish eyes

And just like me , they are able to see , the nature unfold …

everyday  – a new  , beaming surprise !

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Life is a brilliant teacher .When I got married , ten years back , I was barely 21…and completely inexperienced in the ways of the world. I was  naive and gullible . I trusted everyone  I met and ,believed , everyone wished me well. But it took some unpleasant experiences ,to teach me the harsh reality of life…not everyone who smiles at you, is a friend. When I first realized this,it came  to me as a terrible blow. My self esteem suffered a severe setback. I started doubting my own capabilites and  my sense of judgement was temporarily impaired.

But , with time I realised the truth.The world is filled with all kinds of people and each one of them with their own unique way thinking ,and behaving. It is hence, impossible for me or any of you to change the people  living around us.So then what can we do…?? How can we make our lives stress free ? We can do so….by causing the change in ourselves not others.By change , I do not mean altering our personality to suit others….By change , what I mean is to gain a more positive outlook towards life and all things or people associated with it. 

POSITIVE THINKING changes our whole preception of things ,people and places.If we believe that whatever happens , happens for a reason and the reason is going to be  good, we are able to see life from a completely different angle .We learn to enjoy our own life more and value ourselves better.

NEGATIVE PEOPLE are found everywhere.There are those who are caught up in their own problems,so much so  that they hardly find time to see the beautiful things in life.Then there are those, who are so insecure about themselves and unhappy with the life they lead,that they are filled with ENVY for anyone they think is better or happier than themselves. Many of you may have had friends who are forever complaining and whining about everything in life,from the maid who turns up late or the boss ,they cannot stand. Such people can never find happiness in their life, nor will they allow others to do so.

POSITIVITY , implies that you start looking at the best in everything. And no matter how much others try to bog you down , you don’t give up…but rise up even stronger and happier.Try to fill your life with optimistic people , those who give you hope and inspiration and, break away from those that try to pull you down constantly ,and transfer their negativity to you.

I was an eternal pessimist  ,wedded to an eternal optimist. But my partner’s positivity began to rub off on me too .He has often told me ” If people are mean to you, that is none of your business…its theirs.You should stay the way you are and see them seethe  with envy ”

Life is all about living  the way you want,and not the way others want you to. If someone ,be it your friend or partner, expects you to change into something completely different from who you really are,  he /she obviously doesn’t deserve you. Positivity doesn’t mean running away from negative situations, but rather looking at them with a whole new outlook.

Overtime , I have realised that we are the master of our own life.Whether we want to be happy or sad , depends on us and our attitude towards life. A change in our attitude , can bring a sea change in our perception of people and places. We can be in the best of places in the world but if we are  negative in our approach towards life,we cannot be happy.

Life isn’t always fair , but  how we handle it ,will determine our happiness. Positivity is tranferable .When we learn to be positive ,we are able to transfer our positive vibes to others who interact with us. The more positive and happy we are , the happier  we make the world around us. Have you tried smiling at a stranger this morning or complimenting another person  ,on a social networking site? Next time ,try it and see how a simple smile or compliment , helps in spreading happiness into another person’s life. While we may not always be able to see it, our kind words and actions can make someone’s day today…. A  truly happy person will have a good sense of self esteem and no insecurities , which will enable that person to praise or be kind to another person , without any negative or hidden agenda.

So the next time someone mocks at you or tries putting you down ,just smile at them and walk away…they deserve sympathy not anger….

Music also helps me stay calm and positive…two of my favourite songs that lift my spirits up when I am having a bad day  are  Louis Armstrong’s  ”what a wonderful life”  and  Bobby McFerrin’s  ” don’t worry be happy “……They really fill me with a lot of positive energy and then I am ready to take on the world !!!… You all must try listening to them too…:)

Stay happy….stay positive…:))