Daily Prompt: Tiny

via Daily Prompt: Tiny


A  tiny  crevice is all  you need

to let in the glistening sun beams

A  tiny spark is all  you need

to grow wings and  follow your dreams......

My ‘gut instinct’ – my guide ,mentor and philosopher

Gut feeling is something that has directed me to do a lot of things in my life…In fact for me , it has always held a little more weightage , than mere logic or emotional quotient . You can call it whatever you like , gut feeling , woman’s intuition , clairvoyance ,or ESP (extra sensory perception ) .

There is something inexplicable yet true about this sudden emotional upsurge that overwhelms me , sometimes forewarning me against negative situations , people or places , and at other times , guiding me like a mentor into things ,and events that bring a positive change into my lives. Infact…taking me by hand ,  steering me  towards my ‘Destiny’ !

I can’t remember exactly when I didn’t use it , because for me , it has always been an important element , in choosing friends , jobs , and even my life partner ( at least here I can vouch it didn’t go wrong ! )

I rely on my gut feeling the most , while making judgements about a person or his /her attitude towards me . Sometimes , I have this strong ( albeit unwarranted ) dislike for a person , at the very first sight… and feel forewarned , and more often than not , my conclusions and fears are proved right …

So much so that now ,even my better half has begun to trust my instincts ! 

Sometimes , these are positive and a kind of go ahead sign , which I obey meekly . Starting this blog ,was in itself one such decision .Though  the suggestion to do so was provided by a family friend and well wisher , it was undoubtedly my inner eye that led me into it and the results have been more than satisfying ..(for me , that is ! )

I don’t usually get all excited at beginning new things , in fact I am a little too cautious , before venturing into anything that is alien to me…and starting a blog , would definitely fall into this category of alien things… I had heard about blogs , but never thought I would implement a friend’s light hearted suggestion , so seriously , so as to begin one the very next day !

Here I think the protaganist was ,without doubt , my gut instinct , that told me this was what I wanted…  something to look forward to , something positive , something good….. And it has never been more right !

Starting this blog has been one of the best decisions of my ‘gut’ , and I shall remain indebted to it eternally , for giving me a great platform such as wordpress , pen my words down , and let the world know what I think , feel and imagine …..

So, thank you ‘gut’ !