An Oar of Optimism – Weekly Photo Challenge (afloat) part 2

Weekly photo challenge – 2 (afloat)


Over  waters

both tumultuous

and placid

Braving weathers

 calm and  tempestuous

Fatigue ridden

yet sanguine

I row my boat

called Life

With an

Oar of optimism

striving  to

 stay  afloat 

in this brimming

sea of humanity .

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A WOMAN’S MIND – Fifteen points to know about your g.f or wife !

Ok ,so a few days back , in response to Daily post prompt , I had expressed my wish to gain access  to a a man’s brain , so that I could find answers  to a lot of perplexing questions with regard to the opposite gender , my better half , in particular !

Today I have decided to help out by fellow male bloggers and friends , who have been finding it a little difficult to understand the complex psyche of a ‘woman’ !

On  the basis of my own experiences ,and that of a few female friends  and relatives , I have compiled the following 15 points ,that are true ,in case of most women , though as I have said before , exceptions are always there . Please check them out to see and do let me know your valuable opinions ! So here goes … :

  1. We love to share our joys and sorrows , not keep it pent up inside . But when we confide in you , it doesn’t mean we want a solution from you , we only want a listening ear . And that will be all. 

  2. When we point at a shop window , and ask , ‘Isn’t that beautiful ?’ , we are not asking  you for approval , rather we are dropping a hint . It  simply means  we like it and we want you to buy it for us – period !

  3. When we are unwell and tell you so , please do not call the doctor . We can do so ourselves , we just want a little empathazing ( and loads of affection ! ).

  4. We love to dress up , so don’t take us seriously when we say , ‘I will be ready in five minutes !’ , especially if it is a party we are going to . If you want us to be dressed on time for an event , give us a notice of at least 2 hours , oh alright , at least one hour ! That’s not asking for too much….

  5. We can be answering the phone , while chopping vegetables and catching up with our favorite show on TV ! Yes ,we can ‘Multi task’ , and we don’t see it as a great ‘talent’ . It comes naturally to us, which is why we expect you men ,to do the same !

  6. When we ask you if we look fat , you do not have to be honest all the time !

  7. If we ask you to choose between two things (dress,shoes etc) , always ask us what we like best first and then , simply approve of it  . When we ask you to make a choice , we don’t really mean you too … We just want you to second our choice , that is all !

  8. When we   sulk and say ‘We have no clothes to wear for the evening !’ , please don’t look so surprised . Because, we really do mean it .

  9. When we can’t find the accessory we are looking for , to go with our attire , you must never say  ‘Its ok…why don’t you wear something else with it !’….grrr…There is nothing more frustrating for  a woman , than a change of  plans !

  10. When we get a hair cut , please pretend you have noticed , even if you  haven’t . It can get very upsetting when our hard work  (alright , someone else’s hard work , but…our money ..and time… ) goes unrewarded !

  11. When you ask us if there is a problem , and we say ‘nothing’ , please don’t take that seriously and go about your chores . It is just our way of showing our resentment towards your actions , so if you want to avoid a world war -3 , please make a little more effort to find out , and cajole us into confessing our problem and resolving the issue…

  12. When we see you sitting in one corner , sulking , we imagine that  (  just like us )  you need to share your woes and that is why we ask , ‘What happened..? is something wrong?’ . But  we  do know now that  you don’t like sharing your problems !

  13. If we ask you ‘What are you thinking?’ , it  simply means you haven’t been talking to us enough.

  14. When we criticize a person , it doesn’t mean we hate them ! It only goes to mean that  we hate a few traits of that person , not the person as a whole !

  15. We are not nagging…. We are only trying to pursue perfection in everyone and everything . Perfection , as defined by us , of course ! 😉

And I can go on and on…but I think I will stop here…..

(P.S : This post is written ,with  fun element in mind  , and may include a little exaggerations here and there , but all in good humor . I am a woman myself ,but not an expert…Exceptions are always there , and there a lot of women who may not have the above stated way of thinking ! )