Weekly Photo Challenge – On the way -Part 2


For my Part 1 of this week’s challenge – on the way , please click here – Weekly Photo Challenge- on the way. Here is my second entry. Would you dare to cross ?



Enveloped -Weekly Photo Challenge


Only a few days back I was travelling through the winding roads of Arunachal  Pradesh, India overlooking the beautiful,quaint hills and enveloped in mist. When I saw this sight I had to stop the vehicle to click a picture of this dreamy scenery. To me this picture defines enveloped in the true sense.

Enveloped in mist and beauty, just like  Life , that is so beautiful  yet filled with perils at every stage. But isn’t that what ‘living‘ is all about ? – to be ‘Enveloped’ by obstacles yet emerge out victorious and unscathed.? Whats your take?


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Green River

Sunday stills – green river

I was away for a while , and during this time we spent some quality time , as a family relaxing in a botanical resort , named Wild wood spa and resort ,  in the quaint town of Kundapur in Karnataka . The following pictures , apt for this  challenge , were clicked before our Kayaking activity , in a green river , within the resort premises . And it was breathtaking to say the least..

So calm and serene , that one won’t mind pitching a tent by the riverside ans spending the night there…though out cottages were not far away ! The water was crystal clear and not very deep , but very relaxing ………




The Tranquil Nature ( Weekly Photo Challenge – serenity – Part 2 )


For this photo challenge, publish an image that conveys serenity.

I find this particular picture shot inArunachal Pradesh , India , so serene and beautiful that I have made it the header image of my blog too ...
I find this particular picture shot in Arunachal Pradesh , India , so serene and beautiful that I have made it the header image of my blog too …

BLISS OF ‘NATURE’ – rivers ,mountains and seas…

I was elated that the topic for the Photography 101 was ‘Bliss’.  The word ‘Bliss’ itself has a certain calming , rejuvenating nature to it .

At the mere mention of the word , your mind starts stirring …swishing and swooshing like a tornado…, images from your life , flying in all directions before you , once again trying to capture the emotions behind all those , happy , ‘blissful’ moments !

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven…

But then , it is a relative term. What is blissful to one , may perhaps be unpleasant to another !

To some , ‘bliss’ may , just mean a state of relaxation , and inactivity of the brain . Whereas , to another , it might be an activity in itself , like pursuing a favorite hobby or adventure sport .

I am person , who always draws a certain kick , when at a great height , hence , for me , Para sailing in Goa , was one of the most blissful moments of my life . But , then that moment (alas ! ) lasted only for a brief duration and soon , I was back to mother earth.

 I don’t think I can select that ‘ONE’ moment of bliss , from my life , because I have had many !

Looking at the face of my new born and kissing her cheek (a tear escaping my eyes ! ) , has been also a moment of Bliss for me…..The first time she learnt to walk  and a lot of firsts after that !

For me , being next to nature , to be able to hear the roaring of a waterfall , or the gurgling sounds of a stream , watching the snow capped mountains , and listening to the sounds of the forest , as all ‘blissful’ moments !

Here are a few selected ‘BLISSFUL MOMENTS’  , from   NATURE , …Hope you like them :