A moment in time…… God’s canvas


What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it.

Alright , so I was out in the garden one fine day.. (remember the nursery rhyme..? ). Well , it was evening time and I saw some birds flying above me , actually it was some crows …

Well , for some odd reason , they were cawing around menacingly and more so when I tried to shoot them ! Now hold your horses ¬†people…I mean ‘shoot’ with a camera ūüėõ .

Anyway , since the crows were in no mood to pose for me or stop to say a ‘hi’ , I decided to look elsewhere to fulfill my creative hunger or thirst or whatever!

And that’s ¬†when I spotted these ¬†images and narrow silhouettes of some branches , leaves and flowers ¬†, against the background of the evening sky…. , and decided to click away…

And they worked just fine , in fact it looked like they were some sort of sketches on God’s canvas , the sky .. minimal yet striking in their contours …

Hope you will agree with me ….





SHADOWS (Weekly Photo Challenge -shadowed )



On a bright sunny day

Through the winding paths  , unknown

as I trudge and  tramp

 I am not alone

In a dark , narrow  alleyway

as I saunter on  my own

under the glimmer of the street lamp

I am not alone

For , in all these lonely journeys

Dark shadows follow me around

Some my own , calm and consoling

Some whose owners cannot be found 

and some inanimate , yet telling

a thousand wordless stories…………