Your face is my home


I can read the lines

On your precious face

Expressions, signs

And simple tell tales

Where a line disappears

And a smile is born

The language of tears

And feelings unknown

I know those creases

Under your eyes

When you are lost in thoughts

Or filled with surprise

I  know your nose crinkles

And your lips pout

When your heart tingles

Or  fills with doubt

When I see your face

I feel I am home

Inspired to win the race

Determined to brave the storm

Your face is home to me

This is where I want to be

This is what I want to see

For life unto eternity

The ‘RUINS OF THE RAJ’ – ross island (sign )

The following pictures were taken in ROSS ISLAND , ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS , INDIA .

Ross island was discovered by the British , in 1858 , when they came here in search of landmass to deport their prisoners and convicts from mainland India. The original inhabitants of this island , Andamanese aborgines , fought with the British ,in what was called the Battle of Aberdeen..



The island was the administrative capital of Andamans , from 1858 to 1941 , when it was captured by the Japanese. Ross island was a residential cum official complex , which was self contained . So it has the OFFICERS MESS ,OFFICERS QUARTERS etc , the ruins of which remain till today…Standing there ,takes us back to the British era…or the days of the ‘Raj’ in India…

When we visit the island today , it reminds us of its glorious past .The building ruins are now covered with the roots of the trees that are gradually consuming it………