Alright so this is in response to the Handwriting challenge by Jithin of PhoTrablogger .

Well we do live today in a world where the traditional handwriting has taken a backseat in favor of the typed Alphabet . But I have always been a conservative , when it comes to writing .

Although ,a few  of my poems have never seen a paper before they got published here on my blog , most of them have ! In fact all my short stories have been given birth by my loyal pen and have found their way in my diary …. ‘Penning down’ , is an important thing for me to express my thoughts and feelings ..

Whenever I write a story , I go with the flow of my thoughts..sometimes I have had to tear away pages of my diary if the work hasn’t been up to my satisfaction and sometimes they are filled with lots of scribbles , strikes and scribbles …And apart from the first few lines of my short story , the rest of it is one dirty mess …

So here is a picture I thought of finally putting up in response to this challenge , a page from my diary and the beginning of my new short story…although the final version may still end up with alterations. The story is still in the process of being written…But this can be a ‘Teaser’ of sorts ! (so much for my self promotion 😛 ) :

So when was the last time you wrote down something on paper …?


FOR POSTERITY – A peek at my short stories !

Your blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by?

Daily post prompt

The daily post prompt for yesterday asked us to write that one post , by which we would like  our new readers to remember us by… But I would like to bend this rule a little .

I have always been an avid reader of short stories , but I enjoy writing them even more. When I wrote some of these stories , a few months back , my blog was new and so not many of my fellow bloggers and followers ended up reading some of these .

Though my blog has a lot of poetry and other posts about my experiences in life and the lessons I have learned there in , it is undoubtedly the  short stories that I have worked hardest on and had most fun writing..

Most of these short stories are psychological thrillers while some deal with the existing evils in society . I enjoyed creating the twists and turns and framing the plots of these , while trying to maintain the suspense factor…

So if ever my blog becomes a viral sensation , I would like my readers to have a peek into a few of these short stories and have fun reading them ..

So here are the links to some of my favorite ones :

  • THE SCENT OF SUZY : A man fed up of his life , finally finds true love…or is it something else..something beyond human comprehension..?

  • THE ‘BECKONING BEAUTY’ OF THE BEACH : In a  breathtaking beautiful beach , in Goa , India ,  life is exciting …but is there a dark side to these beaches……? Find out for yourself !

  • THE ENTRANCING STRANGER : In the dark alleys of a sleepy town , a women encounters a mystery man….is she in love ? or is there more to the story than meets the eye..?

  • POSSESSED BY PAIN : It is a stormy night ….Linda is alone in her house when she sees a silhouette….And all is not well…

  • THE CHICKENS COME HOME TO ROOST : A story that unravels in a rustic village of North India , where women enjoy a low status in society …..Your bad deeds follow you everywhere…you reap what you sow !

Some of you may have a read a few of these , while some may not have read any ..Please do find time to read them and leave your valuable feedback on them , if you haven’t done so already . It is the readers who motivate me to write further , so please spare a moment to do so ! Hope enjoy them…….