The love story of a boat …


A lonely ark , sits by the edge of the stream

that shimmers , under the silver moon beam

 It sways to  the rhythm of the ripples soft

whispering sweet nothings , as it gently laughs

The majestic trees rustle in the breeze

urging the boat , the moment to seize

‘For this night shall not come again..

 Confess your love to the passing train’

The ark hesitates , just hems and haws

And then it speaks , after a pregnant pause

‘My friends I know , you mean well for me

But will the lofty train , stop to see ?’

‘The train is a beauty , I have adored her long

Her slender form , and her high pitched song

As I watch her meandering and gliding past

My heart begins to beat…ever so fast’

The trees weep as they hear his plight

Such pure love , needs to see daylight

‘Oh, you love her so , then do not let her go

Shout , scream,  wave or row !’

‘Oh I am just a   wobbly little boat’

so saying , he began to clear his throat ;

‘The train is exquisite, and deserves  far more

than a rickety , dreamy ark without an ore’

‘She travels far , to places unknown

while I have stayed on this stream ,all alone

She leads a life of thrill and adventure

But beyond this lake , I fear to venture’

‘Oh she is the moon and I am just a child

who wishes to own it , in my imaginations wild’

And I shall worship her till eternity

My first  love , she shall always be’

Just then the train came slithering by…

 puffing out smoke , as if to say goodbye

The little ark , beheld her , lovelorn

as she chugged past , her whistle blown…

‘All love stories do not end 

on a happy note , my dear friend’

said the boat to the  trees

who were still swaying with the breeze

(The above picture , which inspired this poetry , is shot by my friend and fellow blogger PHOTRABLOGGER .Please check his blog to provide your feedback on this picture and also for more pictures and travel stories . )

TRAVEL THEME – FREEDOM (Freedom in nature)

Freedom , means a state of not being imprisoned or enslaved , be it for a human being or an animal … Here are a few images that speak  FREEDOM , from my point of view :

The 'Free Birds' !
The ‘Free Birds’ !
The vast open sea .... Andaman &Nicobar Islands ,INDIA
The vast open sea …. Andaman &Nicobar Islands ,INDIA
The unrelenting stream , Arunachal Pradesh ,India
The unrelenting stream , Arunachal Pradesh ,India

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IMG_7643 - Copy


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In my dreams ,I envision a place….( DAILY POST WRITING CHALLENGE )


In my dreams ,I envision a place….

far away, from the human race…;

where nature alone speaks volumes…

The ‘sound of the forest’. …’looms’


Where the air is fresh , and pure..;

A place with a magical allure ….

with scents so sweet and enticing ;

That, God , too, appears to be smiling…..


That place in my dreams…

So far way ,it  seems…;

Yet ,I am filled with wonder anew..;

as I wish for it to come true…..


A calm ,and such a beautiful place ;

filled with warm and sunny days…

No blaring horns or screeching sounds ;

only the sound of streams and creatures abound..


I hear no people , scream or jeer..;

no hatred is known ,nor no fear…

Where peace and quiet is there forever ;

no race ,no religion, or creed ,whatsoever


The world I see , is close to ‘ Eden’ ;

It may seem to be ‘utopian’

You can call it my fantasy or a delusion ;

or even label it as a ‘mad man’s illusion’…….……