A Rainbow ! – Weekly Photo Challenge ( Part 2)


When I read this week’s photo challenge theme , I realized that I did not really remember seeing a real rainbow in my entire life . And so  I consider it no less than a coincidence that only yesterday, this changed. On my way from Ootacamund ( popularly known as ooty – a famous tourist spot and hill station situated in the Nilgiris , the blue mountains of  South India) , where we celebrated the greater part of our weekend – shopping and eating, I got to see the first ever rainbow of my life !

It was about four thirty in the evening when we started our drive back  through the hilly terrain and beautiful tea estates, to get back to our home in Wellington.Unfortunately the weather had become rather unruly with trees uprooting due to the strong winds and  falling on the roads, blocking them.  We met a similar fate and had to revert back to take another route.

It was then that we spotted it, bright and colorful , the vibrant arch adorning the partially cloudy, partially sunny sky . My daughter jumped with delight at the very sight of it . Although it was raining outside, we decided to stop the car, while I got out with my camera trying to capture this stunning miracle of nature. But since I was afraid the lens would be damaged due to the rain , I had to take some quick, and rather hasty pictures of this natural wonder.

I related to my husband the coincidence of it as the weekly photo challenge this week also has the theme of  ROY G.BIV , the  rainbow colors ! So here are some shots for you to enjoy. The vibgyor running through the vast blue sky overlooking the tea plantations .




Old & Broken : Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

Weekly Photo Challenge- Broken


My walls have given away

My roof no longer stands

But don’t leave me here and stray

 to other distant  lands

I did once protect you

from the burning sun and rain

I took the biting cold too

to shield you from all pain

I am old and broken now

but only in my frame

If you look inside, you will see how

My love still stays the same

( P.S: Old age is inevitable . But today we live in a world where anything old is better done away with. Even old parents – Parents who have lived their entire lives shielding you from all troubles so that you are able to lead cushy,comfortable lives. But when they grow old and  are unable to continue with their service, they are considered no different from an old house or piece of furniture and got rid off by dumping them in the streets …..)

Peek-a-boo – Weekly Photo Challenge ( Forces of nature)


The    clouds    may     envelope     the    

horizon     of     your      life

today,      but      the  ‘Sun’   of     good  

hope     &      happiness

cannot     elude      you    for      too    






Weekly Photo Challenge part 2- Ephemeral



I wish to capture

for eternity

the magical memories

of this moment –



those  tittilating smiles


the long warm embraces


the soft  tender kisses

And imprison

your beautiful face

In my heart

so when this moment


These memories

live in me

for now



For my first entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral , please click  HERE

A Photo a Week Challenge: Brighten Up Your Day


IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE PHOTOS OF BRIGHT IMAGES. Whether your picture is naturally bright from the sun or other lighting, or you create the brightness with post-processing, have fun and get creative.

Here is my response . These pictures , were shot on a bright sunny morning in the North Eastern part of India , where the Sun rises early . Have edited them a little for a ‘perfect sun soaked’ feel . Hope they brighten up your day 🙂





The sun – Travel theme :Energy



I want to be the Sun

– irreplaceable in the lives

of people I know 

and those who care.

I want to be the Sun

– warm and tender

in a ruthless cold world

rejuvenating & invigorating .

I want to be the sun

that burns with a passion

to light up the world 

after every dark night .



God has within me, subsumed

a portion of the universe

a whisper of the wind

a rustle of the leaf

a ray of the sun

a beam of the moon

a drop of the rain

a scent of the flower

a gurgle of the stream

a glow of the firefly

a note of a song

a color of the rainbow

a shimmer of the sand

a buzz of the bee

a roar of the wave

a shine of the stars

a dance of the peacock

a shade of the tree

a wing  of the butterfly

And then he gave me a heart that beats

and named me – ‘woman .

To melt away… (poetry)

The evening sunset on the beach...

Words fail to escape me

as I feel  your warm gaze

pierce through my soul

coaxing my heart 

to throb like

it has never before

And just like the

soft  sheet of snow

that  melts under the ardor

of the glistening  morning sun

I too wish  to melt away ,

to  evaporate into the void

and yet be alive

within You….

in all your heart beats………