Your face is my home


I can read the lines

On your precious face

Expressions, signs

And simple tell tales

Where a line disappears

And a smile is born

The language of tears

And feelings unknown

I know those creases

Under your eyes

When you are lost in thoughts

Or filled with surprise

I  know your nose crinkles

And your lips pout

When your heart tingles

Or  fills with doubt

When I see your face

I feel I am home

Inspired to win the race

Determined to brave the storm

Your face is home to me

This is where I want to be

This is what I want to see

For life unto eternity

A love letter from a friend :)

Alright  I think this has been the longest I have been away from my blog , and I would have continued the break had it not been this one little surprise that awaited me when I got back home after a packed schedule , filled with travel , fun and family times .

Today is my daughter’s 4th birthday and hence a day filled with surprises for her . But the celebrations this year were kick started with a visit to a home for old , mentally challenged , orphans and even cancer patients . But I shall write an elaborate post about that visit soon , in another post , as and when I shall find time , now that my better half is here !

But today’s post is not about my daughter or her surprises , it is about a surprise I received as soon as I stepped foot into my home . A letter , from a sweet blogger friend , Nisha of  , A wandering story teller , that has made my already special valentine’s even more special .

The 'special' letter from an extremely thoughtful blogger friend :) I loved the care with which it was written ,and tied together using the blue ribbons ! Speaks volumes about the writer :D
The ‘special’ letter from an extremely thoughtful blogger friend 🙂 I loved the care with which it was written , and tied together using the blue ribbons ! Speaks volumes about the writer 😀

It was with great difficulty that A wandering story teller managed  write and  post them and while I was still travelling I did get an intimation from her for the fact that the letter will probably have to be collected from a certain point…

But so much was happening in my life since then , including a very special valentine holiday along with my husband and daughter , that somehow , the letter thing slipped my mind completely , which is why when I saw it waiting for me on my table (where my father had left it for me ) , I was surprised and excited !

But it was the words in the letter that truly made my  day .

Nisha , I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gesture , and that too for a complete stranger ! What you wrote in there , brought tears to my heart and motivated me to write more and stay focused ! But let me tell you , army life isn’t all about separations ! We have peace postings too …so it is not a bad idea to get hitched to an army guy 😛

In this present world , where everyone is in a tearing hurry to go about their work , with no time left for even close relatives and family , this young girl has proved that there is still some love left in the world . Her selfless act of going through this whole ordeal just to see a few smiling faces , will definitely take her a long way in life !

I do have the urge to write an equally long , sweet letter addressed to you as well , but I have my hands full right now , although I will certainly try and do it , as and when possible !

Thank you so much , you did not just bring a smile , you brought out tears of joy and loads of laughter too !!! 

Cheers…may you keep spreading more joy and smiles in this world through your kind gestures …

Hope you had a great Valentine’s day too 😀

The Titillating oblivion (Daily prompt – Image search )

Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

The first  word that came to my mind  when I read the prompt  was ‘adventure’ and when I googled it up , this was the eleventh image I found…. I decided to write a few lines of poetry inspired by this image … :

There is an obscure thrill in oblivion 

An exhilaration in not knowing 

which adds a subtle spice

to our  steaming

romance with ‘Life’ ,

Because , at every   new turn ,

There awaits an  intriguing surprise….