The Komodo dragon(The Daily Post discover challenge – Animal)

Weekly Discover Challenge

Human beings have a common phobia of sorts for reptiles in general . Perhaps it is something to do with their general appearance , that is, to be honest, rather creepy, fear inducing or even repulsive at times, no offence meant (!!). Or may be it is the way they drag their weight around ,  quite literally (!) on their short podgy limbs; or sometimes the lack of it, that makes them less appealing to us humans. The myths and rumors surrounding them and their poisonous fangs, might just add to the nature of this fear or hatred as you may deem acceptable.

The Komodo dragon is one such fear inducing reptile that one only sees in one’s worse nightmares, as that four legged monster chasing you while your body stays paralyzed and incapable to respond.

My opinion on this creature was not very different… well..until I happened to see one for real here in Indonesia. Komodo dragons or Komodo monitor is a large species of lizard native to the islands of Indonesia. And so it does not come as a surprise that on one of our recent visits to a tourist  attraction  called  Taman Mini here in Indonesia,  we had the good fortune of encountering a Komodo Dragon for real.

Well, it was not out in the open, and no I did not touch it . It was within the confines of a large enclosure . One solitary dragon, lazing under the afternoon sun.

As I stood there watching this gigantic lizard with awe, all my repulsion melted away… and I saw it as  beautiful as it really was…

Just as I was about to turn away giving up any hope of making it leave it’s cozy spot, it stirred. And there it was slowly but steadily trudging past the small ravine and making it’s way to me, the glass shield being the only barrier between us. It watched me with the same curiosity with which I gazed at him. And then it seemed I had passed his test, for he decided to lie down  on the grass  besides me as I sat on the other side of the glass barrier,   my fingers trying to reach out…

At that moment I did not see a carnivore that feeds on other birds and animals, or one that is known to attack human beings at times. I just saw a calm, gentle creature that wanted to be loved or perhaps was aching for some company…

Or as most people would say it, it was the glass that made all the difference !







Hello from Indonesia

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Hey all my dearies…

First of all I owe you all a big big apology for having kept away from the blogosphere for a really long time , almost an year, well, with an exception of a random poem here and there. The last one year has been one roller coaster ride and that involved lots and lots of travelling and socializing !

Well, the last time I posted I had told you about our move to the southern part of India and now believe it or not, I am writing this post from a place far away from India, Jakarta, Indonesia….

Yes, we have just moved into Jakarta a month back for an official course of my better half, who as most of you already know is in the army.

Well, so we will be in this part of the world for some time now and so I thought this is the best opportunity to get back to what I love – blogging. Being in a new place, one is exposed to so many different experiences, a whole new culture, language and food. So I thought I should take to sharing my pictures and experiences of this place with all my sincere followers and blogger friends who have patiently continued to follow me despite my obvious absence from the blogging scene.

In fact, last December we had traveled to South Africa and I had so many pictures to share with you all but my busy schedule as an army wife prevented me from doing so.

Anyway I thank all my friends for staying with me and all my new followers too for their support.I hope to be more consistent with my  blogging now that I have a little more time on my hands. Cannot wait to hear from you all.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow of a few random pictures taken here in Jakarta…

till then

warm regards



A village tour

Time is flying by fast. And I have already completed a month in this beautiful part of India. Another month and then I am off with my suitcases again. But before I let go , I am trying to soak in as much as possible from this lovely land.

My walks through these hills have always been rewarding and when I get back , I shall have a whole lot of pictures to treasure forever.

These green golden hills and cottony clouds can make anybody a poet and inspire any one to write. But words will never be enough. On one such walks I visited a village nearby and tried capturing the rustic life of the villagers through my camera. The population is sparse and I barely got a glimpse of a villager !

Hope you enjoy this tour :






Collecting firewood which is the main source of energy for cooking and other purposes. I loved the hand made basket to collect the firewood .


Cane and bamboo form the raw material which meet the requirements of everyday life-from house building to making baskets, fishing traps, items of dress, construction of suspension bridges, religious paraphernalia, etc. Basketry is an important craft of the people of Arunachal , which is exclusicely reserved for men , while women control the textile weaving.



A villager I captured candidly while he came to collect firewood .
Notice the long sword like knife called the ‘Dah’ used to chop wood ..











The ‘make shift’ gate of the local school here.


The building behind is the school .


Ten points to prove that shifting places and new postings can be fun !

Life of an army wife is no different from a nomad’s . We literally live off suitcases . No home is our home forever . We move . We stay . And just as we fall in love with a place , we pack up and leave again .

Life is not stable , never static . It is action packed for life , or at least till we choose for it to be . 

There are many of us , who enjoy it , while a few of us don’t . This shifting of base , every two or three years comes with a lot of benefits and unfortunately with a few negatives as well . But then , it depends on you , whether you want to see the glass half full or half empty .

Here are TEN   points to prove that new postings and constant shifts have their benefits :

1. Getting to see new places : This of course  may sound like a cliché , but it is indeed the truth . A defence life is the best way to travel across the length and breadth of the country and sometimes even , abroad , without much of an effort or expense . Defence wives , particularly Army wives , can boast of a rich travel experience , including in depth knowledge about the culture and cuisine , of different places , sometimes , the most uninhabited and  far off lands too ! So if you are looking for new adventures everyday , get married to an army officer , and you are sure to have one !

2. Collection of handicrafts  from across the country : Visit an army house , and it will prove this. Whether it is the artifacts , local handicrafts , an exquisitely furnished center  table or a leather bean bag ! We have it all . Each time you visit a new place , or get posted to one , it provides one with ample opportunities to make a collection of  the unique cultural exhibits of that place .

3. A unique collection of Sarees and other dress materials : Every army wife makes it a point to shop for  clothes , especially handcrafted sarees , specially designed dress materials etc from the place where they are posted . India , being a country rich in  a variety of colors and crafts , offers  a wonderful shopping opportunity to one and all . The need is to explore these places and crafts ,  and as far as army wives are concerned , it all all ready made for them !

4. Ready made vacations : Every new place you get posted to ,  has a list of weekend getaways already tried and tested by your predecessors  ( army officers and families have the unique ability to find spots for picnics , even in the most inhospitable areas ! ) and you just need to follow the ready made itinerary and

have fun .

5. Tension free schooling : In most places , there are Army schools and Central schools that enable your kids to continue their education hassle free , even in a ‘middle of the year’ posting .

6. Adaptable kids : Most parents in the defence life , are often worried about their kid’s education and the fact that their child’s overall development may be hampered when they travel so often  , and get into the ‘not -so-good’ schools . But , if one does  look around , it goes without a doubt that Army kids are smarter , more flexible and adaptable than their civil counterparts . They adjust to new surroundings faster and also cope better with stress in school and outside , owing to the unpredictable nature of their father’s occupation .

7. New homes : The main change that comes with every new posting is a new house , different , similar , inferior or superior to the previous one . This has its advantage in the fact that , you tend to ‘de-clutter’ your home every two years , (each time you shift ! ) and try to avoid collecting junk at home , compared to your civil counterparts , who while living a stable life , tend to keep collecting unwanted stuff , over the years .

8.New neighbors and new friends : Every new posting comes with a lot of new neighbors and friends , which adds more fun to life . Besides , the fact that we would leave in a few year’s time , makes us more tolerant to ‘bad’ neighbors too !

9. New Jobs :Though a lot of women complain  about the instability ,  in the lives of their army men , to be the main cause for them not being able to pursue their respective careers , I personally feel that a lot of  these places do provide ample job opportunities , and the short service period prevents you from getting bored with your job .  Besides , these days online jobs and freelancing can be carried on uninterrupted  , in all areas with a stable net connection .  Teaching is ,  without doubt the best career option of Army wives , and most army cantonments have a school , where you can do so , conveniently .

10.Variety is the spice of life : A new place removes the monotony from our life and adds spice to our romantic lives too .

With new places to explore each time and new adventures to indulge in , life can be anything but boring .

So cheer up !

Trials and tribulations

Life is always so unpredictable ! Well , at least when you are a soldier’s wife all the more . Many of my friends have asked me how I handle being so far away from my better  half , so frequently , when they cannot  even imagine a day without their’s . Well I think life teaches you a lot of things the hard way…

When I was a newly wed army wife (or lady wife as referred to in the army ! ), I had similar opinions as them . I was a naive girl , who was afraid to stay all alone in  a house , or even travel by myself ! I was brought up in a metro city , yet I hadn’t really ventured out to far away places on my own …

Yet , today things have changed…I have traveled alone to far off places , even on International trips with a two year old toddler , dangling by my side . I have  now stayed alone , for nights in old , dilapidated bungalows (that belonged to the Nizam’s army ) and stayed without talking to my Husband for days (owing to poor mobile connectivity ! ).

I would be lying  , if I were to say I am not afraid anymore. I am still afraid , still jittery , but I have learnt to face my fears now .  One’s success is not in being ‘unafraid’ but in being aware of one’s fears and preparing to conquer them .

I guess , in the Army  life we do not have a choice . Sometimes if you want to be with your husband , even if it means only for a short while , you are willing to go that extra mile , just to see that smile on the face of your daughter /son  , when she/he meets her dad and vice versa .

Every time I go through a long , tiresome journey  to meet him , my heart is  filled with excitement and happiness , and in the face of these emotions , the weaker emotions like fear , nervousness and discomfort take a back seat .

Some of my friends belonging to a civilian life (as in non army background )  , call me brave , to have married an army officer . But honestly , I am not being brave , I am just adapting… and so will anybody else in my place.

Every human being had this innate instinct to adapt to his/her surroundings and this adaptability is essential for survival . So no matter what situation one is in , there is always a way out , if not , we can create it .

Most of modern day inventions and innovations today are a result of this adapation . It is the very life force that makes a drowning man , hold on to the next available thing to cling on to , so that he can keep afloat .

This life force is present in all of us , just that many of us do not realize it and give up on things quickly. It is when life gets tough , that we realize our true strengths , our capabilities. Of course it does depend from one person to another , as to how you emerge at the end of the hurricane . Some break down , while others grow stronger and more resilient .

Being an army officer’s wife it will , without doubt be the latter .

The other day I was watching the interview of an army wife , who lost her husband , in a military operation  an year ago . What I saw in her eyes were not , tears of a  dejected woman who was now a widow , rather a sense of immense pride  and fortitude that would have moved even the hardest of hearts . She was smiling and eloquent through out  and the nation salutes her stoicism.

She didn’t choose her destiny , especially when she had a four year old daughter by her side , yet she faced it with dignity. She rose from the ashes , much like the mythical Phoenix  , with a vengeance . 

From where does she draw her strength..? How did she manage to keep such a cheerful disposition ,in the face of such  heart wrenching  trauma . Now , that is what I call the life force . The inner strength , that guides all , yet only a few care to listen .

 Everyone has their fears , their problems , their anxieties , but do not let these conquer you , instead , learn to cheat them and be a winner . .. I am still on my way ..

Here is a link to that interview if you want to have a look . It is truly inspiring…….. :

TRAVEL THEME – FREEDOM (Freedom in nature)

Freedom , means a state of not being imprisoned or enslaved , be it for a human being or an animal … Here are a few images that speak  FREEDOM , from my point of view :

The 'Free Birds' !
The ‘Free Birds’ !
The vast open sea .... Andaman &Nicobar Islands ,INDIA
The vast open sea …. Andaman &Nicobar Islands ,INDIA
The unrelenting stream , Arunachal Pradesh ,India
The unrelenting stream , Arunachal Pradesh ,India

 For more pictures on ‘Freedom’ , please click HERE .

The decade long differences !


Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

I looked at her , and felt a little unnerved.. a little conscious  , perhaps . As she sat there , on the chair opposite me , I could only but envy her youthful glow . After all , she had just crossed the threshold of teenage and ventured , albeit a little warily , into the twenties.. Her face , was as fresh as a morning dew , no age spots , no dark under eyes.. and no make up !

My not-yet-married , younger self , was peering at me with childish inquisitiveness . ‘So , what is in store for me , in the next ten years..?’ , she blurted out , all in one breath , leaving me dazed.

‘I am sorry , if I scared you , but I am just so excited , you know…to learn about my future !‘ , she continued ,without any provocation .

I gave out a loud sigh , as if trying to relax , and then spoke , in a carefully measured manner , ‘Well , there is quite a lot in store for you. But , I am sure you will enjoy it all .’

I , then continued in the same strain , ‘The next ten years , will be a roller-coaster ride for you. The most rewarding thing ,that you will experience ,in this course of time ,would be your wedding ! Your marriage , will then decide the remaining path of your life , at least for the next ten years. Being married to an understanding ,sensible and sensitive man , will be your greatest reward , in the years to come.’

She looked at me , her big eyes ,sparkling and rejoicing at the same time . But , I took , a lot of sadistic pleasure in bursting the bubble .

Well , there are thorns too…A lot of challenges ahead. Your husband’s choice of career , will expect you to play an important role too. After all , it is not easy being an army wife . There will a lot of responsibilities to share and expectations to meet , both on a domestic and professional level . And you will need to multi – task !’

I caught the sudden glint of fear , in her eyes and felt at ease . Her bright chirpy self , transformed into a pensive one , as she demanded me to continue…

I paused , and then spoke , matter of factly  ‘But , there are a lot of fun times ahead . Your love for travelling will , find some amount of fulfillment as you travel across the length and breadth of your own country and visiting other countries as well ! In fact the initial part of your married life , will let you explore a neighboring nation , and spend three years  there ,learning the language of the locals ! The colorful social life will also be something you will enjoy in the coming years.Of course , you will also enjoy the time you spend teaching in schools, and the love of your students’ , I paused for breath , while she waited for the words to flow out of my mouth…

‘What you will perhaps ,enjoy the most would be the joy of becoming a mother , to a beautiful daughter and the merry times shared by all of you !’

So , saying , I looked at her with a sudden change of expression . I smiled…and said , ‘But before you take this leap of faith…be careful to enjoy this present too , for these carefree  days ,shall never return , and nor will that youthful glow , that distinguishes you from me  … Retain this undiplomatic and chirpy nature , and don’t let the circumstances change you into anyone different.’……………..

She gazed at me in amazement…then smiled ,the same carefree smile of youth….

Family vacations……..slow down !!

Daily Post Prompt

If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

They say ,  ‘All good times must come to an end’….But , there are moments when I wish they would never end…. And even if they have to , it is at a much more, gradual pace , rather than its usual , ‘Blink and you miss it’ one !!!

Family holidays are times , that are the most cherished and remembered , yet they are also the times ,that seem to zoom past with an exceptional speed. In fact , by the time you realize you are on a holiday , it is already beginning to end !

And so , if I would actually be given the power to slow down an event , it would be these fun filled travel holidays I have with my husband and daughter …

Family vacations, especially those involving travel , to new places , are a means of de-stressing  and removing ourselves from the hustle bustle of an active , busy life…


These times spent well , with out close ones , help us to sit back and ponder over the blessings God has given us , thus helping us rejuvenate and relax.  It , helps us to bond more as a family , while letting us see new , unexplored places at the same time…

Hence , by slowing down this event ,

I will be able to enjoy every

little element of our  holiday and cherish those moments , as

‘Precious Memories’ for ever  🙂

Family Times :)

Family Times 🙂

My ‘Heart & Hearth’


The Daily post  prompt yesterday , asked us to imagine going to a friend’s house , only to discover that it was an exact copy of my own house…right from the books to the paintings and so on.

Now ,that is what really got me wracking my  grey cells to try and remember a time , when I did actually experience anything similar . But  there was none…

This  is because I believe , our house is a reflection of us…And just like our blog , that we customize according to our own personal taste , sometimes adding a few widgets here and there , our house too represents us , our tastes, way of thinking and most of the times , even our personality !

Those who have witnessed my blog , from the time of its humble origin( which was only about 3 months ago ) , will vouch for the fact that it has gone through many experiments and changes , till it evolved into what it is today…Even now , I am trying ,everyday to make it look ‘more me’ than it already does .

Just the same way , my house too has gone through an entire process of evolution. If the four walls is what one calls a House , then mine changes every few years ( an occupational hazard of my husband ! ). But to me a House is more than a concrete construction , to me it is the reflection of one’s being and hence , its essence lies more in the things that adorn it like the  paintings , lamps  and cushion covers , rather than the building  itself .


In that sense , I could say I carry my hearth , my house with me , every time we have a ‘Transfer’.  Every little piece of furniture , and artifact , is something I have collected over the years and  has a story to tell …

I am a very vibrant person , and love bright colors. Unlike in the west ( particularly in Europe ) , where we get to see more of blacks , whites and browns , Indians love bright colors . So whether it is the clothes I wear or the interiors of my house , you can spot my love for colors everywhere…


What I love most are my bright, cushion covers , which I think  gives a nice twist to the otherwise boring furniture. Since , my husband got his posting to Nepal , immediately after our wedding , we set up our first house there  , which is why most of my furniture and paintings are Buddhist in theme and have a Tibetan , colorful feel to them…


Our walls are decorated with picture post card frames and our corner tables ,with souvenirs of  our travels ..So every one who visits our house will know about our love to travel 🙂


Every small thing present in the living room , is hence ,very close to my ‘Heart and Hearth’ , so I can never imagine another house , with the same interiors , because their journey  and experience , is different from mine…and no two journeys can be exactly the same…

Every  house  tells a story ..and the story of my house will always be

different from that of  my friend’s ! ……….