The words pierced the heart

like  the cold edge of a dagger

numbing at first

But unbearable in the next

And as the depth of their harshness

Begin to sink in

Slowly but painfully

No effort could submerge the agony

it caused, when the heart erupted

like a monstrous fire breathing volcano

While the eyes released the flood of tears

to diffuse the fire it fumed..




Two sides of the same coin……


If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?


Until I read, I cannot learn

Until I learn , I cannot earn

the wisdom , for which I forever yearn

Until I earn , I cannot return

to the world ,when it is my turn

Until I return , I cannot spurn

the evil called ignorance

Until I spurn , I cannot let burn

the torch to inaugurate my passion

to use my words and ideas to churn

my  own space called ‘Pen’lightenment !


Words soft and melodious

 can mend a broken heart

Words crisp yet coarse

can push one to a great  start

Words honeyed and saccharine

 can trap a gentle soul

words maleficent and mean

can distract one from the goal

Words indignant and fiery

can  terrify one into submission

words laced  with  bitter  sarcasm

 can quell one’s motivation

Words  have a might

They are nobody’s toy

For they own  the right

to ‘create’ or ‘destroy’ !


The inertia..

A vacuum fills my heart sometimes

A vague sense of emptiness

Expanding ,and contracting at times

– a state of complete idleness

I feel , as if the world as a whole 

has come to a pause suddenly 

not a leaf rustles , not a breeze blows

as I try to picture my destiny

And then as I decide to pen down

my thoughts on to a paper

The mind  stirs once more , with a life of its own

and the inertia turns to vapor

For , as soon as the tip of my pen

starts flowing down to write

fine ideas take shape again

and I begin to see my inner light

If my words had wings…….

If words had wings

I would send mine 

flying into the sky

crossing the

vast blue oceans ,

soaring past  

the mighty mountains ,

into the wilderness unknown,

and the civilizations galore..

Flapping , gliding

and drifting

into those hapless places

that have been

shrouded in  darkness

 since time immemorial –

 A world of nescience ;

Incognizant to

the power of Knowledge

and the miracles

it can perform

And there my words

shall hover 

for sometime

till they bring about 

a new age , a new dawn .