Awards galore and thank you note !

It has been a while since I have been procrastinating.But before things get beyond my control I need to get hold of  the reins. The internet connection here in the North East works at a slug’s pace and so I have ended piling on awards without ever expressing by gratitude through a post.

In fact even as I write this post I am a little worried that I may perhaps, unwittingly, skip someone out . In that case please consider it my absentmindedness and don’t hesitate to remind me so I may update my post again !

So here are the awards I have received over the last few months… I would like to thank each one of these bloggers for nominating me for these awesome awards that inspire and motivate me to keep writing and clicking !



Nominated by :

  1. Moses ( whose blog is an interesting amalgamation of flash fictions and short stories. I owe a big apology to Moses for this extreme delay in responding to the nomination.
  2. Ameena ( whose blog I love for her beautiful and heart touching poetry and short stories.
  3. Julia ( whose blog is simple yet speaks volumes about her passions in writing and even cooking !
  4. Saritha( whose blog is all about awesome cooking. Her mouthwatering recipes will sure make you want to cook too !


Nominated by Ameena (


Nominated by :

  1. Rashmi ( whose colorful and vibrant travel stories always inspire me to travel more ! Her breathtaking photographs are also worth it ..
  2. Ruchi ( whose blog is full of beautiful pictures that I love to watch …. Her travel stories are also very useful and informative!

As you can see it will be impossible for me to nominate people of all three awards but I shall update this post soon with the list of people to nominate, as and when I get to a more stable internet connection.

Once again my sincere gratitude to all those who nominated me and showered me  with all their love ….

Awards again !

Alright so before we step into the year 2015 , it is time for me to accept and express gratitude for some awards I have been nominated for in the last one month .


First of all I would like to extend my warm gratitude to Dr Aruna of Ripples n reflections for nominating me for the ‘Inspiring blogger’ award . I am indeed humbled , especially receiving it from someone like Dr Aruna , who has been a source of inspiration for me ,ever since I joined this blogosphere , a few months ago . Her blog is a reflection of her honest and straight forward self and you may check out her blog for some great write ups , lovely poetry and some fun reads !


Secondly I would like to thank my fellow blogger Wanda of A girl called Wanda for nominating me for the ‘One lovely blog’ award . Although I have received this award once before , I would like to accept it as a token of appreciation for my work . I feel , one can never have enough of love and awards ! You must check out Wanda’s blog for her light hearted posts which mostly revolve around her motherhood experiences with her two wonderful kids !

Now for me to nominate a few of those blogs which have inspired me in some way or another . Those nominated , may feel free to  accept the award , without the need for nominating anyone else further … Also , if you have been awarded before , please accept this has a token of my appreciation for your blog …


Apart from these , there are a few I would like to mention , for the fact that their blogs have also in some manner or another , inspired me to write better ,click better or think better. These blogs have perhaps been already awarded the inspiring blogger award by Dr Aruna , but I cannot help mentioning them here in my post , because they inspired me too :

That is all for now…

take care all

Premio Dardos !

So  I finally  manage to convince myself to write this post , that has been pending for quite some time now ! I owe a really big apology to Dr Aruna Menon of  Ripples N Reflections , for the extreme delay in acknowledging this award and expressing my gratitude . But better late than never !!

First of all , I would like to thank Dr Aruna , for considering me , for this award -PREMIO DARDOS  and for her kindness in bestowing it upon me ( I must also applaud her for being extremely understanding and patient with me , and letting be take my time in accepting the award ! ). Her blog Ripples N Reflections  ( ) , is an example of mature writing and I love how she manages to blend in her own personal life experiences , in her responses to the Daily Post Prompts…Her writing , brings out , the vibrance of her personality and her motivating words , serve as an inspiration to many . What I love most about her blog , is a certain genuineness and simplicity , that reflects from the kind of person she is . So if you are a fan of honest yet expressive  writing ( I am one for sure ! ) , do check out her blog… Thank you once again , Dr Aruna…

Now for the rules ( which I deem flexible , at least the third one ! ) :


Here are a few of my favorite blogs :

  • : I really appreciate Zee , for her captivating   pictures and flowing words that , are an expression of the lovable person she is . I love the way she covers the beauty of her country and its people through her words.

  • : Ruchi’s blog is worth a visit for its beautiful photographs and the travel experiences she shares there ….

  • : for a lot of honest ,clean writing and for the way Sona , shares her day to day experiences through her simple yet meaningful blog.

  • : for brilliant , inspiring poetry and some very interesting posts , that touched  my heart.

  • for the beautiful monochrome pictures that speak a thousand words !

  • for her lovely vibrant photographs and her beautiful words that come straight from the heart ! She has an Award free blog , but I would still like to nominate her as a token of my appreciation

  • for an insight into a world we have only heard of , through her pictures and words and also for her advocacy of social causes , which are both inspiring and informative at the same time…

  • , A special education teacher , who loves her work and students,  to a person , who is coping from her relapse of an eating disorder , her blog is a sheer reflection of her – how her days are spent ,her love for coffee , her passion for food…and so on..

 So these are the blogs I have nominated , I know the rule is 15 , but I prefer to keep it this way 🙂

So , for all those I have nominated , just have  to make it clear to you :

All , that all I expect of you is to accept the

award , whether you  credit  my blog or pass on  the

award to others  ,  is your own prerogative !

So , no worries……….

Have a great day 🙂


One lovely blog award

Today is the ‘Festival of lights’ , DIWALI , in India. Hence ,I think it to be an apt occasion to accept one of the two rewards , bestowed upon me in the recent times – One lovely blog award , express my gratitude and spread the joy ,as Diwali is the time for sharing gifts !!!

I take this opportunity to thank Rashmi , of soul n spirit blog , for considering me deserving enough for this award. Rashmi comes across to me as a very positive and inspiring person and her blog , is a reflection of her. Her posts , exude a lot of warmth and optimism , that passes on to the reader as well. The fun element in her writings and her travel photographs , are a great way to know her and India , better. I love the way she includes the elements of Indian culture , capturing its essence through her writings and pictures.So if you haven’t already checked out her blog ,you must ,without delay 😉

Now for the rules to follow ,once nominated :

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post
  • Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

Now since I am done with the first two points ,time to move to the third , that is SEVEN FACTS ABOUT ME  :

  1. I appreciate HONESTY in others ,and try to remain honest myself .
  2. I love TRAVELLING and exploring different places across the globe.
  3. l am fond of trying out DIFFERENT CUISINES of the world , and make it a point to taste the local food , where ever we go..
  4. I love GETTING CLICKED ,as much as I love clicking pictures
  5. I love reading , but I love READING OUT ALOUD even more , especially when I am reading  fiction
  6. I love ALL KINDS OF ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES , my dream to skydive and bungee jump !
  7. I have always loved the stage as a school going kid and have a passion for ACTING. 

So now ,time to nominate a few favorite blogs ,  ( I shall  not be nominating 15 right away , but shall keep adding new blogs as and when I find them ! ) though some of you may have been nominated a zillion times before or perhaps have a NO- REWARD POLICY and I completely appreciate that , but I shall still be nominating you as a token of my appreciation for you work….


As I said , will be upgrading my list soon……….And coming up a new post for my ‘PREMIO DARDOS AWARD‘…..

Till then , adieu and happy diwali to all 😀


A few days back , I was nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD…And being a recent blogger , it makes me happy and motivates me…But for some reason , since I had been at a place with erratic net connectivity when I was nominated , I couldn’t respond to it…Thank you so much  writenlive ( )for the nomination !!! Do check out her blog and the other blogs she nominated…

Now for the rules:

1. Link and thank the person who nominated you

2. Answer the questions they asked you

3. Pick eleven awesome bloggers to nominate ( preferably those with less than or around


4. Ask them eleven questions

5. Let them know by commenting on one of their posts


1. What do you look like?

ME : Well , that depends on the way you look at me…..’beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder !’

2. Which is your favourite inspirational quote?

ME:  ‘You give but little when you give out of your is wen you give out of yourself that you truly giveKahlil Gibran

3. What would you love to eat on a vacation?

ME: Seafood any day !

4. Which is your preferred holiday destination-beach or hills?

ME : I love both , but between the two , I’d say beach !

5. What makes you happy?

ME: The fact that I am alive ,to experience this wonderful world makes me happy !

6. What figures first on your to-do list?

ME: Well ,until now it was to write this post…but now , I have to find something new 🙂

7. Name your favorite book.

ME :So many…but if asked to name one , it will be gone with the wind by Margaret mitchell . The story of Rhett butler and Scarlett o’hara still moves me to tears…….

8. If you were asked to donate to a charity, which one would it be?


9. Which do you prefer for company-children or pets?

ME : Children

10. Do you like poetry?

ME: YES..I love poetry !

11. Which is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your life?

ME : Nothing big enough to mention here…


  1. Give one word to describe your blog.
  2. What is that one quality that makes you different from other bloggers.
  3. Which is that place , in the entire world , that you would want to visit before you die?
  4. Name three things that inspire your writings or pictures.
  5. What according to you is more important or memories ?
  6. Which is that one place , close to your home that always makes you take out your pen or camera?
  7. What is that one quality you look for most ,in a friend?
  8. How did you start with blogging?
  9. Which is you most favorite holiday destination till date? ( a place you have been to )
  10. What is you favorite hobby ,other than blogging?
  11. Which is your favorite movie and why ?


So get going !