A Photo a Week Challenge : Saturation



Torch ginger lilly - saturated

Torch ginger lily – saturated


De – saturated





Ten points to prove that shifting places and new postings can be fun !

Life of an army wife is no different from a nomad’s . We literally live off suitcases . No home is our home forever . We move . We stay . And just as we fall in love with a place , we pack up and leave again .

Life is not stable , never static . It is action packed for life , or at least till we choose for it to be . 

There are many of us , who enjoy it , while a few of us don’t . This shifting of base , every two or three years comes with a lot of benefits and unfortunately with a few negatives as well . But then , it depends on you , whether you want to see the glass half full or half empty .

Here are TEN   points to prove that new postings and constant shifts have their benefits :

1. Getting to see new places : This of course  may sound like a cliché , but it is indeed the truth . A defence life is the best way to travel across the length and breadth of the country and sometimes even , abroad , without much of an effort or expense . Defence wives , particularly Army wives , can boast of a rich travel experience , including in depth knowledge about the culture and cuisine , of different places , sometimes , the most uninhabited and  far off lands too ! So if you are looking for new adventures everyday , get married to an army officer , and you are sure to have one !

2. Collection of handicrafts  from across the country : Visit an army house , and it will prove this. Whether it is the artifacts , local handicrafts , an exquisitely furnished center  table or a leather bean bag ! We have it all . Each time you visit a new place , or get posted to one , it provides one with ample opportunities to make a collection of  the unique cultural exhibits of that place .

3. A unique collection of Sarees and other dress materials : Every army wife makes it a point to shop for  clothes , especially handcrafted sarees , specially designed dress materials etc from the place where they are posted . India , being a country rich in  a variety of colors and crafts , offers  a wonderful shopping opportunity to one and all . The need is to explore these places and crafts ,  and as far as army wives are concerned , it all all ready made for them !

4. Ready made vacations : Every new place you get posted to ,  has a list of weekend getaways already tried and tested by your predecessors  ( army officers and families have the unique ability to find spots for picnics , even in the most inhospitable areas ! ) and you just need to follow the ready made itinerary and

have fun .

5. Tension free schooling : In most places , there are Army schools and Central schools that enable your kids to continue their education hassle free , even in a ‘middle of the year’ posting .

6. Adaptable kids : Most parents in the defence life , are often worried about their kid’s education and the fact that their child’s overall development may be hampered when they travel so often  , and get into the ‘not -so-good’ schools . But , if one does  look around , it goes without a doubt that Army kids are smarter , more flexible and adaptable than their civil counterparts . They adjust to new surroundings faster and also cope better with stress in school and outside , owing to the unpredictable nature of their father’s occupation .

7. New homes : The main change that comes with every new posting is a new house , different , similar , inferior or superior to the previous one . This has its advantage in the fact that , you tend to ‘de-clutter’ your home every two years , (each time you shift ! ) and try to avoid collecting junk at home , compared to your civil counterparts , who while living a stable life , tend to keep collecting unwanted stuff , over the years .

8.New neighbors and new friends : Every new posting comes with a lot of new neighbors and friends , which adds more fun to life . Besides , the fact that we would leave in a few year’s time , makes us more tolerant to ‘bad’ neighbors too !

9. New Jobs :Though a lot of women complain  about the instability ,  in the lives of their army men , to be the main cause for them not being able to pursue their respective careers , I personally feel that a lot of  these places do provide ample job opportunities , and the short service period prevents you from getting bored with your job .  Besides , these days online jobs and freelancing can be carried on uninterrupted  , in all areas with a stable net connection .  Teaching is ,  without doubt the best career option of Army wives , and most army cantonments have a school , where you can do so , conveniently .

10.Variety is the spice of life : A new place removes the monotony from our life and adds spice to our romantic lives too .

With new places to explore each time and new adventures to indulge in , life can be anything but boring .

So cheer up !

Writing 201: Hero(ine)

Writing 201

Whether it’s a hero or a heroine, your poem today should focus on a person with an outsized personality — someone who makes a splash (or a mess) whenever he or she crosses others’ path.

The following is my response to this prompt. It is a poetry that is written surrounding a heroine (which is my mother ) and I have tried to use the form of ballad , hoping you all like it ! )

There was once a maiden

A gentle woman was she

She spent her days in the kitchen

making meals and serving tea

Oh our dear maiden..

what a gentle woman was she  ! (refrain – chorus )

The stork visited her twice

Two daughters were born to her

And  all was happy and nice

with our maiden , now a mother

Oh our dear maiden..

what a gentle woman was she  ! (refrain – chorus )

Days rolled into weeks , weeks into years

Our maiden is now older

Trying to wipe away the tears

and willing to offer her shoulder .

Oh our dear maiden..

what a gentle woman was she  ! (refrain – chorus )

The daughters were now married

each to a charming groom

But our maiden , she still tarried

For her own dreams , there was no room

Oh our dear maiden..

what a gentle woman was she  ! (refrain – chorus )

Years flew by again

Our maiden is now a granny

Still prepared to bear all pain

Her sorrows , oh-too-many !

Oh our dear maiden..

what a gentle woman was she  ! (refrain – chorus )

Love and compassion 

that is what she is about

her own dreams and passion

still wait to be reached out…..

Oh our dear maiden..

what a gentle woman is she  ! (refrain – chorus )

The sun – Travel theme :Energy



I want to be the Sun

– irreplaceable in the lives

of people I know 

and those who care.

I want to be the Sun

– warm and tender

in a ruthless cold world

rejuvenating & invigorating .

I want to be the sun

that burns with a passion

to light up the world 

after every dark night .

Weekly photo challenge – Symmetry

Daily post weekly photo challenge – symmetry

Symmetry (noun): the quality of something that has two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape, and position; the quality of having symmetrical parts.



Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Green River

Sunday stills – green river

I was away for a while , and during this time we spent some quality time , as a family relaxing in a botanical resort , named Wild wood spa and resort ,  in the quaint town of Kundapur in Karnataka . The following pictures , apt for this  challenge , were clicked before our Kayaking activity , in a green river , within the resort premises . And it was breathtaking to say the least..

So calm and serene , that one won’t mind pitching a tent by the riverside ans spending the night there…though out cottages were not far away ! The water was crystal clear and not very deep , but very relaxing ………