The words pierced the heart

like  the cold edge of a dagger

numbing at first

But unbearable in the next

And as the depth of their harshness

Begin to sink in

Slowly but painfully

No effort could submerge the agony

it caused, when the heart erupted

like a monstrous fire breathing volcano

While the eyes released the flood of tears

to diffuse the fire it fumed..




In love once more…


He was

just another

lonely soul

bereft of love

betrayed in love

till he began to sing

Beware of love

and then one day

he beheld her

as she descended

from the skies

like an angel

and he knew

in that moment ephemeral –

 He had lost his heart once more

Yes, he was in love, all over again !

Temple bell : Weekly Photo Challenge – On the way

Weekly Photo Challenge – on the way

On my walks in the North Eastern India , sometimes I  took  a detour to wander into my husband’s office. On the first day of my walk to the office complex , my eyes fell on a small temple shrine inside the  office grounds. What attracted me more was not the idol inside but the beautiful bells that hung outside it. I immediately took out my camera to capture the stunning golden bells against the contrasting red backdrop of the temple wall.

My better half who usually never appreciates something unless it is close to perfect was impressed by the way I perceived  a rather mundane looking temple bell and transformed it into a an object of art. What surprised me was that while all the office goers passed this temple on their way , no body really noticed these humble  looking bells or captured them through a lens.

But for me they were beautiful and so serene – a symbol of love,peace and tranquility.


The unspoken bond – Love


I may not always tell

but decipher the language of my silence

I may not always cry

but sense the anguish of my soul

I may not always ask

but read the questions in my mind

I may not always smile

but sense the cheer in my voice

I may not always sing

but hear the song in my heart

I may not always express

but discern the love in my eyes

Old & Broken : Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

Weekly Photo Challenge- Broken


My walls have given away

My roof no longer stands

But don’t leave me here and stray

 to other distant  lands

I did once protect you

from the burning sun and rain

I took the biting cold too

to shield you from all pain

I am old and broken now

but only in my frame

If you look inside, you will see how

My love still stays the same

( P.S: Old age is inevitable . But today we live in a world where anything old is better done away with. Even old parents – Parents who have lived their entire lives shielding you from all troubles so that you are able to lead cushy,comfortable lives. But when they grow old and  are unable to continue with their service, they are considered no different from an old house or piece of furniture and got rid off by dumping them in the streets …..)

Awards galore and thank you note !

It has been a while since I have been procrastinating.But before things get beyond my control I need to get hold of  the reins. The internet connection here in the North East works at a slug’s pace and so I have ended piling on awards without ever expressing by gratitude through a post.

In fact even as I write this post I am a little worried that I may perhaps, unwittingly, skip someone out . In that case please consider it my absentmindedness and don’t hesitate to remind me so I may update my post again !

So here are the awards I have received over the last few months… I would like to thank each one of these bloggers for nominating me for these awesome awards that inspire and motivate me to keep writing and clicking !



Nominated by :

  1. Moses (https://fictionlimbo.wordpress.com/) whose blog is an interesting amalgamation of flash fictions and short stories. I owe a big apology to Moses for this extreme delay in responding to the nomination.
  2. Ameena (https://randomsbyarandom.wordpress.com/) whose blog I love for her beautiful and heart touching poetry and short stories.
  3. Julia (https://myredpage.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/versatile-blogger-award/) whose blog is simple yet speaks volumes about her passions in writing and even cooking !
  4. Saritha(https://savourexoticwithsari.wordpress.com/2015/05/02/versatile-blogger-award/) whose blog is all about awesome cooking. Her mouthwatering recipes will sure make you want to cook too !


Nominated by Ameena (https://randomsbyarandom.wordpress.com/)


Nominated by :

  1. Rashmi (http://soulnspiritblog.com/2015/01/09/the-more-the-merrier-got-a-new-award/) whose colorful and vibrant travel stories always inspire me to travel more ! Her breathtaking photographs are also worth it ..
  2. Ruchi (https://cometravelalong.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/) whose blog is full of beautiful pictures that I love to watch …. Her travel stories are also very useful and informative!

As you can see it will be impossible for me to nominate people of all three awards but I shall update this post soon with the list of people to nominate, as and when I get to a more stable internet connection.

Once again my sincere gratitude to all those who nominated me and showered me  with all their love ….

Your face is my home


I can read the lines

On your precious face

Expressions, signs

And simple tell tales

Where a line disappears

And a smile is born

The language of tears

And feelings unknown

I know those creases

Under your eyes

When you are lost in thoughts

Or filled with surprise

I  know your nose crinkles

And your lips pout

When your heart tingles

Or  fills with doubt

When I see your face

I feel I am home

Inspired to win the race

Determined to brave the storm

Your face is home to me

This is where I want to be

This is what I want to see

For life unto eternity

A Photo a Week Challenge – Comfort

A Photo a Week Challenge


‘Scooby’ the puppy we have with us here for my little daughter, adores the company of people. But there is nothing better and more comforting for him than a member of his own species to bite, roll and get dirty with ! He loves it when this neighbor visits him sometimes …